Pure Violence
Alternate Name(s) "Plain Violence"
"Wild Style"
"Street Brawling"
User(s) Bryan Hawk
Hand Positions Both hang freely
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime Round 21 (New Challenger)
Similar Stance(s)
Similar Stance(s) Freedom Style
Brawling Style

Pure Violence (暴力 lit. bōryoku, sometimes referred to as 'plain violence' or 'wild style') is a boxing style used by Bryan Hawk. Described by Date Eiji and Makunouchi Ippo to be wild and utterly unpredictable, this style nearly led to Takamura Mamoru's downfall at the hands of Bryan Hawk. According to Miguel Zale, this form of fighting cannot be considered a style in boxing, but simply violence (hence its namesake).


A unique style created by Hawk prior to his boxing career, Pure Violence is what Hawk used to survive the slums of New York City. It was further evolved and refined throughout his career as a Junior Middleweight boxer. Seen in his match against Takamura, the stance Hawk takes while using this style has no guard. Instead, he lets both his arms hang from his sides limply as he slouches with his knees bent. Noted by Makunouchi Ippo, this stance allows Hawk to reach his opponents easily.

From this stance, Hawk is able to perform sways fluidly and repeatedly, avoiding many blows and counter-attacking with wild swings from unusual directions.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

As an essentially unpredictable, unorthodox, and never seen before style and stance, Pure Violence allows Hawk to throw punches at every possible angle in every position, even whilst bending over backwards. Hawk's flexibility, raw power, natural talent, and boxing sense makes this style a deadly combination with his punches. The extent of this style is so unorthodox even experienced boxer and coach Kamogawa Genji has trouble analyzing and identifying a loophole.

Negatively, Pure Violence is a style that defies all pre-existing boxing basics and rules created by a boxer who has no knowledge on the fundamentals of boxing. Therefore, it is easy for a user of this style to fall to an individual with good physical conditioning and honed knowledge on boxing such as Takamura Mamoru. For example, Takamura is able to identify Hawk's instability during his numerous sways, thus steps in to knock him off balance, albeit with no significant damage.