Puerto Rican Boxer
Southpaw stance 2-0
Gender Male
Homeland N/A
Boxer Info
Weight Class Junior Featherweight
Style Hybrid
Stance Orthodox Stance
Boxing Record
Rank 1 (WBC)
Total fights  ?
Wins  ?
Wins by KO  ?
Losses  ?
Draws  ?
Championships 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1169
Manga Final Chapter 1170
Anime Debut Does not appear

A Junior Featherweight Champion boxer from Puerto Rico who defeat Nagumo Ryuji via KO by checking the timing of punches of Ryuji.

During the Match Edit

While Ippo and Miyata have a conversation, Miyata checks the timing of the champion.

Match History:Edit


Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
N/A WIN ?-?-? Japan Nagumo Ryuji TKO 1(12) 1998 Kourakuen Hall WBA World Junior Featherweight Bout