Proof of Being Japan's Best
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Volume: 30
Chapter: 260
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Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 16
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Proof of Being Japan's Best is the 260th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



In the champion's corner, Yanaoka is impressed at Ippo's performance and states he is a "troublesome guy". however, Sendou replies that he is not troublesome, but simply the strongest he has ever fought. He then states that his belt has no meaning until he beats Ippo. He also thanks Yanaoka for keeping his promise, and states he must now prove he is Japan's finest. Meanwhile in his corner, Ippo is told by Kamogawa that the fight has only just begun and he will find another opportunity to land a good punch.

As soon as the next round begins, Ippo pushes forward and lands a hit that immediately corner's Sendou. The champion however, sees the opportunity and lands a counter that helps reversing the situation. With Ippo now in the corner, Sendou goes on the attack, as Yanaoka remembers the promise Sendou was talking about:

Before Sendou ever got to the Naniwa Kentou-kai, he defeated three students from the gym in a street fight. Upon hearing this, Yanaoka goes to rescue them and meets Sendou for the first time. Sendou tells him that he only wanted to test his strength, but Yanaoka replies that the students were not professional fighters, and that in the ring, Sendou would lose to a real boxer. Annoyed by this, Sendou launches a punch, but Yanaoka throws a counter and stops right before landing it. When back at the gym, Yanaoka tells the coach that he found someone worthy and hungry for fighting. Sendou then arrives and asks if he will get to meet the champion by fighting the best fighters.

After recalling the events, Yanaoka yells at Sendou that Ippo is the man he has been waiting for, and he must bat him in order to be acknowledge as the best. Ippo seems to have the upper hand in the battle, but the bloodied Sendou, full of determination, counterattacks.

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