Progress with Courage
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 10
Japanese Title: 勇気ある前進
Romanized Title: Yuuki aru Zenshin
Total Pages: 20
WSM Issue: ?
Episodes: Round 6 (p. 1-20)
Chapter Chronology
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Progrss with Courage is the tenth chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Everyone at the gym is in shock, including Miyata who doesn't stand up until the count of 9. The match resumes with Miyata telling his father that he just lost his balance. Ippo tries another one two, but Miyata easily dodges and knocks him down with a counter. As the audience is convinced the match is over, Ippo stands back up at the count of 6. Miyata questions his own techniques but is nonetheless convinced he will finish it soon. The two continue to fight and their gym mates wonder why he is having trouble. Aoki explains that Miyata uses his legs to create distance, but Ippo is rushing in too aggressively for him to do it this time with Fujii complementing the bravery of the plan. As the other gym mates cheer for Ippo, he forces Miyata to lose his balance and goes for a right straight but the former easily dodges and goes for a counter. To everyone's surprise, Ippo steps into the counter and takes it face first. Because this reduces the damage (as Fujii explains to his partner), he is able to knock Miyata down with an overhead punch. Though seriously hurt, Miyata is able to stand and the fight resumes. Ippo decides to start finding an opportunity to use the uppercut.


  • This chapter establishes that Aoki is indeed the same character that sparred with Miyata in Shadow Boxing. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.

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