Ponchai Chuwatana
Gender Male
Birth date August 15, 1970
Homeland Thailand Thailand
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Height 167 cm (5'5")
Reach 167.5 cm (65")
Style Hybrid
In Fighter
Stance Orthodox stance
Current Affiliation Nong Bua Khok
Trainer Ponchai's Coach
Boxing Record
Rank 3rd (Thailand)
Total fights 12
Wins 10
Wins by KO 5
Losses 2
Manga Debut Round 210
Anime Debut Round 62 (The Fighting)

Ponchai Chuwatana was the 3rd seed in Thailand. He was the first victim of Makunouchi Ippo's Dempsey Roll.


Prior to his fight with Ippo, neither he nor Ippo knew anything about one another, but before going to Japan Ponchai took down Thailand's biggest boxing hope, Jimmy Sisphar.

Later on he was knocked down by Makunouchi Ippo in the second round.

Match HistoryEdit



Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 12-2-0 Makunouchi Ippo TKO 2(10), 2:00 1993-07-11 Tokyo, Japan "The Road Back", Comeback Match
WIN 12-1-0 Jimmy Sisphar KO 4(10),??? 1993-??-?? Lumpinee Stadium, Thailand
LOSS 0-1-0 Unknown Decision 4(4), 3:00 ??? Lumpinee Stadium,


Debut Pro



Boxing StyleEdit

He is a boxer with a classic style reinforced by a good musculature. He uses footwork as well as in fights.


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