Penetrating Arrow
Chapter Info
Volume: 106
Chapter: 1043
Japanese Title: 穿つ矢
Romanized Title: Ugatsu Ya
Total Pages: 14
Chapter Chronology
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Penetrating Arrow is the 1043rd chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Ippo takes some hits but also dodge several from Gonzales. He tries to get close. The distance between them keeps shrinking with every punch. Even though he gets hit, he keeps closing to Gonzales. Gonzales flings a series of lefts to keep him away. But Ippo still moves forward.

Gonzales, after seing that hitting Ippo through won't stop him, he tries with his left but this time he gets so much closer that Ippo tries to hit with a body blower but Gonzales backs off with a sudden move and terrified face. Gonzales then hits with a left and Ippo guards but after a second he relaxes. Gonzales sees the opening and moves forward. Ippo doesn't moves and takes the hit. While Gonzales's fist still on Ippo's head, Ippo looks up to him and Gonzales realize that, this was Ippo's plan all along, he did this to close the gap between them. Then Ippo breaks away from Gonzales's fist and prepare himself in a second to do a body blower. He dives in and lands a powerful body blower.

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