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Volume: 27
Chapter: 237
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Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Paper is the 237th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



With all his seniors resting from their matches, Ippo feels uncomfortable at the gym, being the center of attention. As he goes for road work, he sees Tomiko looking for Aoki, and Kumi accompanying her. When Ippo tells Tomiko that Aoki is resting, she immediately goes to his place and leaves Kumi alone with Ippo. At Ippo's suggestion, Kumi follows him on the bike while he does his training with Hachi.

After talking about her brother and reflecting on how difficult a boxer's life is, Kumi begins a conversation (prompted by seeing him with Mari the night of Takamura's match) on how popular Ippo is with girls. Ippo tells her he only gets asked for autographs by men and never women. Hoping to be the first woman with his autograph, Kumi makes him promise he will give it to he first. As they make they way back to the gym, Kumi goes for pen and paper.

Returning to the gym, Ippo is approached by Mari, who upon learning he can not spar without his coach around to supervise him, decides to ask him some questions. After getting his answers, Mari asks for Ippo's autograph, telling him that he might become famous, and his autograph as a rookie might become valuable. Kumi, who is witnessing everything through a window, is hoping Ippo doesn't break his promise, however, after hesitating a few times, Ippo finally gives his autograph to the persistent reporter. Upset about this, Kumi writes on a paper the word "BAKA", before she leaves and leaves it outside for Ippo to see.

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