Papaya Dachiu
Gender Male
Homeland Indonesia Indonesia
Boxer Info
Weight Class Lightweight
Height 168.5 cm (5'6")
Reach 158.2 cm (62")
Style In Fighter
Stance Orthodox stance
Boxing Record
Rank C (Indonesia)
Total fights 18
Wins 14
Wins by KO 14
Losses 2
Draws 2
Championships Indonesian Lightweight Champion
Manga Debut Round 520
Anime Debut Round 16 (Rising)

Papaya Dachiu is a recurring character in Hajime no Ippo. He is the current Indonesian Lightweight Champion. Aoki fought him twice, both times ending in a draw.


Papaya was the Indonesian Lightweight Champion that Aoki fought. He is noticed for his particularly odd looking hairstyle. He fights using a lot of tricks, just like Aoki. His specialty punch is a tremendously powerful right straight called the Coconut Punch. He strengthens his right arm for his rematch with Aoki, making his Coconut Punch even more powerful. Papaya's weakness is a critical lack of stamina, and his only tactic is to exchange in a way that makes the opponent overconfident in their punches. Aoki exploits both of these weaknesses in his two fights with Papaya, in the second by not throwing any punches at all for 8 rounds.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
DRAW 14-2-2 Aoki Masaru Decision 10(10), 3:00 1996-03 Yokohama, Japan 2nd Fight against Aoki
DRAW 14-2-1 Aoki Masaru Decision 10(10), 3:00 1995-08 Yokohama, Japan 1st Fight against Aoki


Papaya Dachiu had a odd looking hair style similar to a muffin, complimented with an equally odly shaped face. Like any of the Southeast Asian fighters, he had a dark skin-tone and a muscular fit body.

Fighting style and techniquesEdit

He fights exactly like Aoki, even using one of his moves with him at the same time, to trick him. Even with that though, he has a very powerful arm, that people compare to a Coconut. This all compensates for terrible stamina, that doesn't even last him 3 rounds.