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Volume: 34
Chapter: 297
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Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 21
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Palpation is the 297th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Dankichi is having Sanada participate in a sparring match against the man ranked third in the Junior Lightweight division three weeks before the title match in order to demonstrate his skills. Dankichi tells Fujii that if the opponent lasts to the end, Sanada will show them everything.

When the match begins, Sanada displays the hien and seems to anticipate how damaged his opponents and whether he can continue or not, and dodges all his punches. Dankichi says that it is not instinct what allows him to do it, but rather extensive knowledge of the human body; with his punches, Sanada is able to analyze his opponents physically and determine whether it is safe or not to keep attacking.

During the break, Sanada's sparring partner is frustrated and about to lose his temper, while on the other hand, Sanada is calmly taking his pulse in order to enter the next round at full speed. The Junior lightweight launches a barrage of punches but is caught by the much faster Sanada, who delivers an uppercut, and at the signal of Dankichi, gets ready to throw his tsubame gaeshi. However his opponent falls unconscious before the move lands.

Fujii goes to Kamogawa and tells him about the match, but apologizes for not being able to say what the tsubame gaeshi is. Kamogawa says it is for the best, as Dankichi's plan was a mind-game to make Ippo more confident. Ippo states that he knows Sanada is more experienced despite him being the one with the belt, but he feels no pressure as he will fight like a challenger.

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