Orthodox Boxing Techniques are moves that are used commonly. In comparison to signature techniques or derivatives of orthodox punches, Orthodox Boxing Techniques are used worldwide and regularly in boxing matches. Not particularly complex in nature, these techniques serve as fundamental knowledge for all boxers who wish to advance in the ring.

Note that these techniques are not limited to orthodox boxers; "orthodox techniques" in this case means ordinary techniques, not right-handed techniques.



Takamura demonstrating a jab

A jab is a quick, sharp punch typically aimed at an opposing boxer's head. While similar to a straight when executed, jabs tend to be much quicker and more compact. In return, a boxer's jabs are rarely stronger or equal in strength to their straights. However, it is to be noted that several boxers in the series have executed jabs with immense strength and/or technique. For example, Ricardo Martinez is able to perform a jab without shoulder movement.

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Main article: Straight (punch)

A straight demonstrated by Volg Zangief

Not unlike the orthodox jab technique, a straight punch is typically aimed at an opposing boxer's head. While its movements may be strikingly similar to a jab's, a straight punch requires slightly more technique. As explained by Takamura early in the series, a straight should be thrown with a twisting leg to hip movement, allowing the follow-through punch to be much more powerful with the momentum gained. Unlike a jab, a straight is typically more powerful but oftentimes slower. However, there are individuals in the series with immensely quick and powerful straights, examples being Oda Yuusuke and Takamura, whose straight punches are strong enough to severely injure an opponent and, in Takamura's case, knock a fully grown bear unconscious.

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Main article: Hook

Arnie Gregory demonstrating his immensely powerful hook

The hook is a punch thrown whilst the user's arm is bent at a near 90° angle. It is a devastating punch that usually finds its mark at an opposing boxer's jaw or temple (general head area). While easy to dodge by ducking and weaving, there are several powerful boxers emphasized in the series that demonstrate flawless and incredibly powerful hooks. Jason Ozuma, for example, is known to possess a hook that rivals, if not surpasses, the strength of Takamura's hooks.

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Main article: Uppercut

Makunouchi Ippo executing a perfect textbook uppercut

The uppercut is a punch thrown from the waist up. Executed after a series of leg and hip movements, the uppercut is immensely powerful if performed with the necessary follow-throughs. In most cases the uppercut is thrown towards an opponent's jaw, however there are instances where an uppercut is aimed towards the opposing boxer's liver or general torso area, causing ruptures, internal bleeding, and most likely broken ribs. Due to its immense power, many boxers in the series derive their individually unique techniques from the orthodox uppercut.

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One TwoEdit

One Two is combination of two jabs from left and right to gain a direct hit to the opponents.

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Main article: One Two


Weaving is a defensive boxing move. It involves bobbing your head from left to right, to up and down. It is considered to be an all purpose move; it can be used for dodging opponent's punches, to initiate combos such as the Dempsey Roll, or to simply control opponent's movements - as seen in the Ippo vs Woli fight.

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Dash is technique in directly entering the enemy's zone which you can attack for an opening.

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Main article: Dash

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