Opening of the Rookie King Tournament
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 30
Japanese Title: 新人王戦開幕
Romanized Title: Shinjin Ou-sen Kaimaku
Pages: 20
Arc: Rookie King Tournament Arc
Anime: Round 14 (p.1-19)
Debut: Characters:
Shinoda Tomoyuki
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Opening of the Rookie King Tournament is chapter 30 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.

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The day of the match, both boxers arrive for the weigh-in. As Kamogawa and Ozuma's coach wish each other luck, a nervous Ippo tries to hide from Ozuma, but the latter comes to him and politely introduces himself and wishes him luck. Ippo is surprised, and responds with "Yes" in English. After this, Ippo loses all of his pre-match tension.

Ippo goes home to eat and asks his mother if she will come to the match, but she says she'd rather not watch him getting beat up. Determined to face Miyata, he goes to the playground, and successfully performs the hanging bar exercise.

Night comes and the fight is about to begin. As Ozuma discusses techniques with his coach, Ippo is shadow boxing. Kamogawa throws a punch at him, but Ippo dodges and throws an uppercut, stopping mere centimeters away from his chin. Kamogawa is satisfied and they head for the ring.

In the crowd, Ozuma's gym mates, and Umezawa and his friends discuss about the fighters hoping they will be alright. Ozuma enters to cheers full of spirit and Ippo enters with as much determination. Both fighters are introduced, the bell rings, and the match begins.


  • Shinoda Tomoyuki makes his first appearance in this chapter, standing next to Kamogawa and Yagi. Though he is missing his moustache.