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Manga Round 1
Anime Round 1 (The Fighting)

The one-two is a jab and cross (commonly called the straight in Hajime no Ippo) combo. It is so named because, in boxing parlance, the jab is often referred to as a "1" and the cross as a "2". Every boxer would know how to execute this combo. However, Coach Kamogawa mentioned that David Eagle's "one-two" is the strongest in the world. Eagle could even change his "one-two" into a jab-body shot combo as he did not want to aim at Takamura's injured eye.


Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

In a sport that often puts speed before power, the boxer with the faster jab can gain an advantage in both. This is because the jab actually gives the straight more speed, not when connecting, but when retracting. It's the exact same principle as the Seiken in karate, which is always practiced with one arm extended and one retracted.


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