Okita Keigo (沖田 佳吾, lit. okita keigo) is a recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is a retired Featherweight boxer from Japan who held the East Japan Rookie King title before Makunouchi Ippo. Known to view Date Eiji with admiration to the point of mimicking the latter's fighting style, Okita was the fifth seed in Japan before his challenge and subsequent loss against Ippo.

His surname is Okita. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names.

Okita Keigo
Japanese Name 沖田 佳吾
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Professional Boxer (formerly)
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Height 167 cm (5'5")
Reach 167.5 cm (65")
Style Hybrid
Stance Orthodox Stance
Current Affiliation Nakadai Boxing Gym
Previous Trainer(s) Nakadai Coach
Date(s) Retired Ca. 1995
Boxing Record
Total fights 29
Wins 22
Wins by KO 18
Losses 5
Draws 2
Championships All Japan Rookie King
Manga Debut Round 115
Anime Debut Round 36 (The Fighting)


Okita viewed Date as an idol from early in his life. This adoration eventually led to his joining of the Nakadai Boxing Gym and subsequent copying of Date's fighting style and techniques.



Okita's shock at Date's willingness to fight Ippo.

Okita is first seen as a weary onlooker during Date and Makunouchi Ippo's sparring match. While silent for most of the time, Okita wastes no time to gaze scrutinizingly at Ippo and his temporary second Yamada Naomichi when the latter said Ippo "could have beaten Date". Okita, jealous that Date would want to spar with Ippo (whom he viewed as weaker), challenged Ippo in blind jealousy and lost despite his using of Date's fighting style. He apologizes to Date, who in turn encourages Okita to find his own style. Okita is next mentioned to be retired and working as an assistant at Date's gym.

He very later appears again, with Date to see the match of Ippo's 8th title defense against Kojima Hisato.

Match History Edit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
WIN 22-5-2 Unknown KO N/A 1994-06-27 Tokyo, Japan "Revenge" Semi-Final Matches
LOSS 21-5-2 Shimabukuro Iwao KO 1(8), 0:23 1994 Tokyo, Japan Class-A Tournament: Finals
LOSS 11-1-0 Makunouchi Ippo KO 1(10), 2:58 1992-06 Tokyo, Japan Lost 5th Rank, Tokyo Featherweight Contender ranking to Makunouchi Ippo, subsequently retired
WIN N/A Unknown Decision 8(8), 3:00 1991 Tokyo, Japan Won All Japan Featherweight Rookie King

While it is said that Okita was previously the East Japan Featherweight Rookie King and then the All Japan Rookie King before Ippo, none of his previous fights were counted or elaborated in detail.


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Unknown All Japan Featherweight Rookie King Makunouchi Ippo
Unknown East Japan Featherweight Rookie King Makunouchi Ippo


Okita has a rather pale complex compared to his idol Date, as well as a very muscular yet equally lean build for a featherweight boxer. He is shown to be taller than Ippo and sports short black hair, eyebrows of average thickness and large eyes with small dark-colored pupils. His nose is also drawn to be rather long and prominent. Years later, he has a small mustache. 


Okita became a fan of Date during his childhood years and started boxing at the Nakadai Boxing Gym, that same gym in which Date trains. His admiration came to the point of adopting and mimicking Date's styles and techniques. His adoration can be comparable to that of Itagaki Manabu's.

Thinking of Date as an unbeatable figure, Okita quickly becomes jealous of anyone sparring with Date and quickly challenges them out of blind jealousy (as shown when Okita challenged Ippo). He seems rather prideful and overconfident, completely assured that his victory would be secured due to his boxing being the same as Date's boxing. However, he has shown respect to his one role model, Date, and would go great lengths to support the latter in his endeavors.

Boxing StyleEdit

Okita fights in an identical style to Date and is a highly orthodox boxer. Unlike Date however, he does not possess a sharpened boxing sense nor a tactical or strategical mindset which led to his defeat at the hands of a spirited Ippo. It is mentioned by characters in the series that Okita works hard for his goal to become like Date, as seen when he executes the hard to master Corkscrew Blow multiple times in a single match.



Okita is simply a watered down carbon copy of Date. In terms of fighting stance and general boxing abilities he is above average, but lacks a tactical mindset and allows his rage and jealousy to cloud his judgement during a match. It is because of this that he lost his match against Ippo.


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