Ogawa Naoya is a Featherweight boxer.


Early DaysEdit


Ogawa fighting Ippo

Ogawa partakes in his pro test with Makunouchi Ippo, as his opponent. When the spar begins, Ogawa goes towards Ippo and attacks, however all hits miss. After getting hit in the face with a right, Ogawa goes down and loses his pro test.


Ogawa has black, spiky hair and dark colored eyes. He has a seemingly well-built muscular toned body. During his pro test, his attire was a light blue t-shirt, navy pants and blue and white boxer shoes.


Ogawa is a confident, arrogant, prideful person. He shows his arrogance when he assumes Ippo is an easy opponent when he see's Ippo mumbling to himself.


Ogawa is shown to be inexperienced and a slow puncher, being slower than Miyata and Ippo. Ogawa goes on the offensive and shows very little defensive technique.