Oda Yusuke (小田 裕介) was a Featherweight boxer from the Nishikawa Boxing Gym before he retired. He is now a trainer at the Nishikawa Boxing Gym.

His surname is Oda. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names.


Early Days


Oda meets Ippo at the weigh in.

While his fight with Ippo is coming up, Oda believes it will be easy, as his opponent is just starting. He hears from Mikami Reiko that his opponent's friends are calling him pathetic and that she will leave him if he loses. With the thought of Reiko leaving him and the insults from his opponent's friends, he goes to his coach and starts training harder than he did before.

At the weigh in before the bout, he surprises everyone when he displays the body he has acquired with his recent training. Before leaving, Ippo attempts to greet Oda but the latter angrily ignores him, as he thinks he was being made fun of.

The day of the match arrives and when the bell rings, Oda has a disadvantage from the beginning, but an accidental cut gives him the upper-hand. Taking advantage of the situation, Oda aims for the cut on his opponents forehead but was ultimately defeated by a series of quick jabs. Even though he lost, due to the return of his old love for boxing he is able keep both Reiko's love and the trust of Coach Mikami, who tells him they will win next time.


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Oda's current appearance

However, following his defeat at the hands of Ippo, Oda retires due to serious conditions and the fact that he realizes he can not win against other strong fighters. He considers his match with Ippo the highlight of his career and hopes for him to become the world champion.

After retiring, Oda became motivated to become a boxing trainer at his gym. He also began eating excessively over the years and gains a massive amount of weight, citing that he felt a great weight lifted from his shoulders.

Match History

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 3-3-0 Makunouchi Ippo TKO 3(4), 2:35 1991-01-03 Tokyo, Japan

Retires after match.

LOSS 3-2-0 Unknown Decision 4(4), 3:00 1991 Tokyo, Japan


WIN 3-1-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 1990 Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN 2-1-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 1990 Tokyo, Japan Comeback match
LOSS 1-1-0 Unknown Decision 4(4), 3:00 1990 Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN 1-0-0 Unknown KO 1(4) 1990 Tokyo, Japan Pro Debut


Before retiring, Oda had a well-built body, after retiring, he gained weight and is now overweight. Oda has dark brown hair that is slicked back, slightly large eyebrows, his nose is medium-sized and pointed, and his eye color is dark grey.


Before retiring, Oda was a brash, somewhat lazy individual who hated to train and enjoyed going on dates. When his love interest told him that she was embarrassed by his lazy attitude, he soon started to work much harder. However, Oda soon realized that boxing was not for him and subsequently gained a large amount of weight after quitting the sport. Despite this, he was visibly far happier than previously seen, the weight of boxing being lifted from his shoulders.

Boxing Style & Techniques

Oda is a hard puncher and boasts a powerful right straight, that even when his trainer Mikami first saw Oda put it on display during his debut, he thought that a World Title might not be just a dream any more. However, he hated to train, preferring to spend time loafing around, or dating his trainer's daughter Reiko. The result of this was poor condition and Oda lost two of his six bouts due to his lack of stamina.