No Guts
Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Chapter: 17
Japanese Title: 根性なし
Romanized Title: Konjou Nashi
Total Pages: 19
Episodes: Round 10 (p.1-19)
Chapter Chronology
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No Guts is the seventeenth chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Ippo is told his first match is against Oda Yuusuke, a former junior lightweight (who not even the coach knows about) with three wins by knockout with his right straight and two loses. Everyone believes Ippo has an easy win, which only put pressure on him.

Meanwhile, Nishikawa Boxing Gym's trainer Mikami, looking for Oda, finds him on a date with his daughter Reiko and gets on to Oda for always skipping his training and believing all he needs is his right straight which is nothing without guts. Oda notes that his opponent is a rookie making his debut, but Mikami informs him of Ippo's performance at the pro test and tells him that if he loses the match, he will be kicked out of the gym and he is forbidden to see Reiko until he can show some guts.

Later, Reiko and her friends are dining at Chuuka Soba when, Takamura, and Kimura arrive with Ippo and begin to laugh at him for being worried about facing someone like Oda. Aoki tries his Playing Card Fortune Telling as Takamura and Kimura confirm to Ippo that Aoki's predictions have never been wrong, yet when the prediction is that he will win they begin laughing.

Reiko later goes to see Oda as he's leaving the gym thus blowing off his training again. He tells her that he left practice early since he's not a weakling who needs to train. Just as he was about to put his hand around her shoulder she slaps it off much to his shock. She then tells Oda she is separating from him until his fight against Ippo and threatens to officially end their relationship if he loses. She say she has lost faith in him, and tells him about how Ippo and his friends were making fun of Oda, and called him a weak, pathetic clown. She then tells Oda that he was never like this, and that the Yusuke Oda she knew and fell in love with not only had great passion for boxing, but he trains harder than anyone in her father's boxing gym. But now she's ashamed of him and runs off. Oda becomes enraged at the thought of a rookie is making a mockery of him.

As Ippo and Takamura walk home, he tells Ippo that Aoki's fortunes are accurate but the results have always been the exact opposite of what he predicted, meaning that he is going to lose but reminds him that it's only a fortune telling.

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