New Dempsey Roll
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Alternate Name(s) "Evolved Dempsey Roll"
"Dempsey Roll Counter Counter"
"Stop-and-Go Dempsey Roll"
User(s) Makunouchi Ippo
Real-Life User(s) Jack Dempsey (original Dempsey Roll)
First Appearance
Manga Round 496
Anime Round 12 (Rising)
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Dempsey Roll
New Dempsey Roll

The New Dempsey Roll is one of Makunouchi Ippo's evolved variations of the technique used by World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey.


After Ippo's fourth title defense against Shimabukuro Iwao, the Dempsey Roll's weakness against counters became apparent to boxers all over Japan. Not wanting to drop his best weapon, he works to improve it. The result is a Dempsey Roll that stops and starts abruptly, avoiding counters and throwing off the opponent's rhythm. However, the sudden movements put a great strain on the legs and hips, and overuse can cause permanent injury. It is for this reason that Coach Kamogawa declined to teach it to Ippo, but Ippo develops the technique himself, but injuring himself during training.

Ippo first uses it to defeat Sawamura Ryuuhei in his fifth title defense. Ippo sustained significant damage to his lower body in doing so, and had to use a crutch for a brief period. After the New Dempsey Roll is used for the first time, Ippo's title challengers immediately withdraw.

The significant strain on Ippo's body leads him to going back to fundamentals, sealing the Dempsey Roll against Karasawa Takuzou.

However, Genji Kamogawa already indicated that the Dempsey Roll still isn't complete and could be improved.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

The New Dempsey Roll addresses the primary weakness of the original Dempsey Roll, which was its predictable rhythm. Skilled boxers could counter the Dempsey Roll by stepping back and countering the hooks. By suddenly stopping the rotations in mid-motion, the opponent's timing is thrown off and they become open to the Dempsey Roll's barrage of punches.

However, the technique is incredibly stressful to the lower body and is beyond the capacity of most people. Yamaguchi Tomoko warns Ippo to only use the technique a maximum of two times. Even after one usage against Sawamura, Ippo's experience severe muscle spasms in his legs and is unable to sit down. In the post-match examination, Ippo is discovered to have ligament damage. Dr. Yamaguchi informs Ippo that continued usage will shorten his boxing career.


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