New challenger
Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
is the second television anime based on Hajime no Ippo, produced 5 years after the first anime concluded.

It debuted on January 6th, 2009 at 25:29 on Nippon Television and ran until June 30.


The new series went into development due to the high ratings of the reruns of the first series. The main cast from the first series returned, although Mashiba Kumi is now voiced by actress Hirata Yuka rather than Kobayashi Sanae. In addition, an almost entirely new production staff is used.

The story resumes from where the first series ended, with the Miyata Ichirou vs. Arnie Gregory story arc. The series also covered Date Eiji's rematch with Ricardo Martinez, Ippo's fight against former kouhai Yamada Naomichi (Hammer Nao), Itagaki's debut match against Makino Fumito, and Takamura's Jr Middleweight championship match against Bryan Hawk.

According to Koyama Rikiya, the voice of Takamura, a sequel is already being planned.


Main castEdit

Main Article: List of seiyuu

List of EpisodesEdit

  1. A New First Step
  2. The Bloody Cross
  3. To the Promised Place
  4. Towards the World
  5. World Class Strength
  6. A Figure to Chase After
  7. Devil's Advent
  8. Spirit for One Last Attack
  9. Qualifying for Succession
  10. Cannon Fodder
  11. Ippo vs. Hammer Nao
  12. What It Means To Be a Pro
  13. Ippo on the Beach 2
  14. The Two Sparrings
  15. Itagaki's Debut Match
  16. The Two Hawks
  17. Wild Child
  18. Extreme Weight Control
  19. Explosive Confrontation
  20. World Jr. Middleweight Title Match
  21. Battle of Hawk!
  22. Brawling Battle
  23. The Hand That Supports
  24. The King
  25. Would You Like a Bronze Statue?
  26. New Challenger


Theme songsEdit

Opening ThemeEdit

  1. Hekireki by Last Alliance

Ending ThemeEdit

  1. 8AM by coldrain


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