Nekota Ginpachi (猫田 銀八, lit. nekota ginpachi) is a retired Bantamweight prizefighter.



Young Nekota

Nekota, like his long time friend and eternal rival Kamogawa Genji, was a prizefighter in Japan shortly after the second world war. In the past, he was a natural boxer with wild instincts that Kamogawa and Hama Dankichi recognize as superior to their own (however, neither would admit it). After a match against Kamogawa, however, Nekota suffered from symptoms of Punch Drunk Syndrome only to overcome it shortly before his fight against Ralph Anderson. Anderson's signature move, the Rabbit Punch however, forced Nekota's Punch Drunk Syndrome symptoms to return and ultimately cost him the match as well as his career as a prizefighter.


Presently, he lives as a hermit in the mountains with his dog Hachi and is still very much involved with boxing by watching tapes and training Kamogawa's trainees when they visit. He also spent some time at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, training newcomers and becoming extremely popular due to his teaching methods.

Match History

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 5-3-1 Ralph Anderson KO 4(?) 1947(?) Tokyo, Japan Regained symptoms of Punch Drunk Syndrome and retired after loss by knockout.
DRAW 5-2-1 Kamogawa Genji Decision 10(10), 3:00 1947(?) Tokyo, Japan It went to a decision, as a draw. Both never accepted it.
WIN 5-2-0 Kamogawa Genji KO ?(10), 19?? Tokyo, Japan 4th Match against Kamogawa
WIN 4-2-0 Hama Dankichi Decision 10(10), 3:00 19?? Tokyo, Japan N/A
LOSS 3-2-0 Kamogawa Genji KO ?(10), 19?? Tokyo, Japan 3rd Match against Kamogawa
LOSS 3-1-0 Kamogawa Genji KO ?(10), 19?? Tokyo, Japan 2nd Match against Kamogawa
WIN 3-0-0 Kamogawa Genji Decision 10(10), 3:00 19?? Tokyo, Japan First match against Kamogawa


Despite being muscular and physically fit in his younger years, Nekota's appearance has drastically succumbed to his old age. Now, his height has taken a plunge along with the amount of hair on his head. Nekota is shown to have tanned skin, a progressively balding head of gray hair, dark eyes (when open) and a prominent oval-shaped pink nose. A tuft of his small amount of gray hair rests on his forehead and a small beard graces his chin. Due to his age Nekota has grown a fair share of wrinkles on his forehead, upper lip and chin. However, it is shown in one episode that Nekota has extremely healthy bulging back muscles despite his age, though it is unknown if the scene was an exaggeration or otherwise.



Nekota showing off his "perfect condition" to an unamused Kamogawa.

Nekota is a cheerful old hermit who, despite having retired, still immerses himself in the world of boxing by watching tapes and helping Makunouchi Ippo and his group of gym mates train. He is shown to be competitive and vindictive, as seen during his first on-screen reunion with Kamogawa Genji in which both individuals attempt to land a punch on each other regardless of their age in order to "finish their fight". Nevertheless he remains a very supportive character for both Kamogawa and his trainees.

Fighting Style

Nekota was known by both Kamogawa Genji and Hama Dankichi for his superb agility, strength, and overall boxing prowess. He was known for being an out boxer, but anything else about his fighting style was not elaborated on in the series.Though it should be noted that he had a much easier time fighting Ralph Anderson than his rival Kamogawa. He is known for the technique Sakki, also known as bloodlust, in which he used to defeat Kamogawa Genji in one of their matches.