Nekota-san's Advice
Chapter Info
Volume: 26
Chapter: 226
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 19
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Nekota-san's Advice is the 226th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



While making their way back from training to Pension Yoshio, Takamura is annoyed by the sound of the bells, but the trio tells him that it is an effective system to drive The Bear away. Despite this, Ippo is seemingly attacked by a creature, causing Aoki and Kimura to run away and leave him behind. As Nekota prepares to kill the bear and save Ippo, it is revealed that the animal was actually non other than Nekota's dog; Hachi.

Kamogawa then assigns different exercises for the boxers, with Takamura running while carrying Yagi, Aoki and Kimura doing squats in the river supervised by Shinoda, and Ippo cutting wood with an hatchet. In an attempt to interact with people, Nekota first tries to do exercise with Aoki and Kimura, but fails and almost drowns, and later tries to train with Takamura, at which he fails as well.

After failed attempts to cut the wood, Ippo asks for Nekota's help. Nekota demonstrates a few times his perfect method, and reveals the back-muscles he has gained thanks to that exercise. Ippo realizes that gaining strength to make Sendou back up, was the reason for which he was assigned the wood-cutting task. Nekota also mentions that engaging Sendou in an exchange could lead to irreversible injuries, he also reveals that he suffers from punch drunk syndrome himself. After the warning, and realizing Ippo has no intention to run away from Sendou, Nekota tells him that there is a way to punch without punching.

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