Neko Express Delivery
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Volume: 27
Chapter: 238
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Neko Express Delivery is the 238th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



After resting from their matches, Takamura, Aoki and Kimura arrive to the gym and notice that Nekota has not left yet. Kimura is disappointed because Shinoda is not around, as he wants to do mitt hitting, but Nekota steps in and offers to help. Hesitant at first, Kimura simply throws a weak punch at a persistent Nekota, who demands more, irritating Kimura. Kimura then seriously begins sparring, and to everyone's surprise Nekota is able to keep up with him perfectly. By the time they finish, Nekota is asked by the gym members to teach them as well. Seeing this, Kamogawa says it is a good thing that he is around, given the fact that the students outnumber the trainers.

While doing road work, Takamura explains to Ippo that given the fact that his upcoming title match is in the junior middle weight division, he is already doing weight control. Ippo lets him know of the sign he found at the entrance of the gym, and believes it is a prank (unaware of the fact that Kumi wrote it for him). Before continuing, Ippo stops at the tree where he first asked Takamura to help him become professional, and reflects on how he still has not found out how it feels to be strong.

After ten days of Nekota training the students at the gym, his popularity has grown beyond that of any other coach (which Takamura taunts Kamogawa about). Kamogawa says it is fine at first, but after twenty days begins to notice how everyone grows distant from him. Wondering what makes Nekota so popular, Kamogawa spies on one of his "after training-meetings" and notices how everyone seems to be having fun. He then realizes that what Nekota has been doing, is telling stories about their youth and how Kamogawa would cry over women who left him. Upset about this, Kamogawa confronts Nekota, who admits he was simply jealous of the life Kamogawa lived surrounded by young people in the city, as opposed to alone in the mountains. Kamogawa forgives him and apologizes himself for being to harsh on his friend. They are interrupted by the express delivery service (who Kamogawa jokingly said would call to send Nekota back), who Nekota called to take him back as it is the time of the year young women go to the pension. Angry again at Nekota's habits, Kamogawa threatens him once more. Meanwhile Ippo receives his ticket for Sendou's upcoming title defense.

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