Nefuma Ozca / Ozuka is a Junior lightweight 5th seed boxer came from the Philippines.

Nefuma Ozca
Gender Male
Homeland Philippines Philippines
Boxer Info
Weight Class Junior Lightweight
Style  ?
Current Affiliation  ?
Trainer  ?
Boxing Record
Total fights 11
Wins 6
Wins by KO 3
Losses 4
Draws 1
Manga Debut Round 235
Anime Debut Round 68


He fought against Kimura Tatsuya, in a 10 round match and over the match as he was doing good, he messed up his distance and he got knocked out by Kimura in the 5th round.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS Kimura Tatsuya TKO 5(10), 1:25 1994 Tokyo, Japan N/A

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