Nakadai Coach
Nakadai Coach
Japanese Name 仲代コーチ
Gender N/A
Homeland {{home:Japan, Tokyo}}
Occupation Nakadai Boxing Gym trainer
Manga Debut N/A
Anime Debut Round 36
Voice Actor Mitsuru Ogata

Nakadai Coach (仲代コーチ) is the owner and the coach of Nakadai Boxing Gym


He owns the Nakadai Boxing Gym and trains fighters, his most popular fighter is Date Eiji. From day one of Date's career, Nakadai Coach was his trainer. In 1988 when Date went to challenge Ricardo Martinez in Mexico for a WBA World Featherweight Title Match, Nakadai followed to train him. But after Date's loss, Nakadai lost his most popular fighter. After these events Nakadai tried to train more fighters like Date, but for a whole six years, not even one fighter was able to endure the training, and quit boxing.

Six years after the event in Mexico, Date returned to fight in the ring once again. Although he was skeptical of Date's age, but reluctantly agreed to train Date so that he could once again become the top contender for the World Title.

Boxers TrainedEdit


Nakadai is in his late fourties and he has gray hair (originally he has black hair) and he has brown eyes. He has almost no differences from his early years.


Nakadai usually looks soft but when it comes to training he becomes serious. He doesn't look down on his fighter's contenders and he loves to coach who can resist hard training.


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