Nagumo Ryuji
Nagumo Ryuji
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Professional boxer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Junior Featherweight
Height 173 cm
Reach N/A
Style Out Boxer
Stance Orthodox Stance
Current Affiliation Unknown
Trainer Unknown
Boxing Record
Rank 10 (WBC)
Total fights  ?
Wins  ?
Wins by KO  ?
Losses 1
Draws  ?
Championships Unknown
Manga Debut Round 1151
Anime Debut Has yet to appear

Nagumo Ryuji (lit. ryuji nagumo) is a world class Junior Featherweight professional boxer that has sparred with both Ippo and Miyata. His main goal is to compete once again for the world title.


10 Months In The Making


Nagump fighting the Puerto Rican champion

Nagumo arrives to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym in order to spar with Ippo, who is in a weight class higher from him. When the spar begins, Nagumo gives Ippo trouble by throwing a few jabs, and to everyone's surprise, Ippo goes down after a one-two, ending the spar. Later, Nagumo goes to the Kawahara Boxing Gym to spar with Miyata. The spar begins, Nagumo is hit by a counter, which he Head slips to minimise the damage, he then hits Miyata multiple times until the spar ends. Seeing the results of the spar, he gains confidence that he will win the world title.

Nagumo has the Junior Featherweight world title match against the Puerto Rican Champion. Nagumo managed to get a few hits in towards the champion before ultimately losing the match.

Match History

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
WIN  ?-1-? Puerto Rican Champion TKO 1(12), 1:17 1998 Unknown WBA Junior Lightweight World Championship


Nagumo has a slim build, short dark hair, with pale skin. His forward bangs are short. He has a long straight nose and sharp eyes, whose brows are always slightly furrowed.

Boxing Abilities

Nagumo was able to match Miyata, who was holding back, in speed and throw even counters. Meanwhile, when he fought Ippo, he threw a fast one-two that made Ippo groggy.