Nagumo Ryuji
Nagumo Ryuji
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Professional boxer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Junior Featherweight
Height 173 cm
Reach N/A
Style Out Boxer
Stance Orthodox Stance
Current Affiliation Unknown
Trainer Unknown
Boxing Record
Rank 10 (WBC)
Total fights  ?
Wins  ?
Wins by KO  ?
Losses 1
Draws  ?
Championships Unknown
Manga Debut Round 1051
Manga Final Round 1170
Anime Debut Has yet to appear

Nagumo Ryuji (なぐも りゅjlit. nagumo ryuj) is a Junior Featherweight boxer that sets to compete for the World Title in Hajime no Ippo.


Sparring vs Makunouchi IppoEdit

In his spar against Ippo, Nagumo set a jabs and Ippo went down after a simple one-two punches. After the coach stopped the spar, Ippo sat down and as looking at the headgear, he noticed that while waving he was losing sight of his left jabs and him entirely. But even so, going down after a few jabs with headgear on, isn't something that can occur to someone like Ippo who is tough with taking hits. As noted by Takamura, who has been keeping an eye on Ippo's decline.

Sparring vs MiyataEdit

In his spar against Miyata, Miyata hits Nagumo with a counter, but Nagumo used a Head Slip to lessen the impact and managed to land an uppercut on Miyata.

Championship BoutEdit

The champion tried to set something on the clouds, but quit on the way. As for the champion Nagumo also looks at the situation while guarding the punch. Nagumo keeps his style as the speed comes up and strikes. The champion is the first step to notice that you are stopping trying to match something to the left and right of Nagumo. Ippo is to think whether the champion is measuring the timing. something to do with rhythm. Ippo to think that the battle with nagumo was monotonous and Miyata could not read it if it could read it. The champion steps in so as to close the traveling direction of the cloud.The audience skips the field fighter when it takes distance to the Nanu cloud. One step also agreed with that opinion.Meanwhile, Miyata takes the rhythm. Champion to Nagumo punch will match at the counter Nagumo cloud guarding the champion's counter.Next time, Nanun climbs the counter to the champion's punch. Shoot the left short of good Nanun clan. Ippo to anticipate that it will be hard to step down if it is attracted and small and kept sharply. However, Miyata's rhythm will not stop. A champion comes in front with a timing that matches Miyata's rhythm.

Nagumo that punches to try to intercept. Then, match the left short to the champion who stepped on. Ippo is to ask if Mr. Miyata took a hand with a spar. Miyata looks at one step aside and asks that question again. Did he really get killed by the Champion? Ippo, why you ask such a thing, Miya will not change the question. Ippo is said to have gone true. I could not keep up with speed and I was defeated by receiving two left in the middle. Nanumun is strong, one step that I thought of capturing the world. Nagumo climbs down and takes a fighting pose.Immediately, the champion packs up in the ring.Although the Nagumo will fight, we can not prevent the punch of the champion. Nagumo clinches to the champion. The referee's break time is fast, although trying to recover your physical strength with earning time. Nagumo climb the two champions to the left. One step raises a voice of joy, but Miyata says what it was. According to Miyata 's words, the champion will not collapse. The left of the Nagumo is not working. Miyata continues. I wonder if I fell down on the left side of the Nagumo. It seems that I understood it immediately after doing a spar with the challenger. Although it is pleasant, it is not a world level. Miyata has a reason to become irritated and crushes him if he does seriously emotionally. It is because there is a high possibility of letting the world warfare. Miyata does not respond although I heard the reason why one step is muddy. The reason for becoming champion is that a step was taken down by the Nagumo. It was shocking at the same time. To that extent it is being killed. Ippo is to follow the Nagumo but Miyata touches that it should know the world level on the skin. Nagumo clouds went down, the referee stop was engaged, the challenge to the world of Nankun closed the curtain. Ippo rush to Miyata who finished the match and left the venue.


He is slim, short hair, with pale skin. His forward bangs are short. He has a long straight nose and sharp eyes, whose brows are always slightly furrowed.


Nagumo is able to match Miyata in speed and throw even counters. Meanwhile, when he fought Ippo, he threw a fast one-two that made Ippo groggy.

Match History:Edit


Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
N/A LOSS ?-?-? Puerto Rican Champion TKO 1(12) 1998 Kourakuen Hall WBA World Junior Featherweight Bout