Karil Boxing Gym

Nagoya Oni Yari Tome Boxing Gym

Karil Boxing Gym Wide

Nagoya Oni Yari Tome Boxing Gym wide banner.

Karil Boxing Gym Wide Clear

Clear shot of the banner of Nagoya Oni Yari Tome Boxing Gym.

Nagoya Oni Yari Tome Boxing Gym (名古屋鬼槍留ボクシングジム, lit. Nagoya Oni Yari Tome Bokushingu Jimu) also known as Karil Boxing Gym in English translation of the manga (the gym's name translated differently in the manga for unknown reason, the original name of the gym as written above), is a boxing gym located in Nagoya.


The owner of the place is unknown. Inside of the gym doesn't shown much. Its a normal gym with general boxing equipment. The gym only seen in the manga. Gym's popular fighter is Sawamura Ryuuhei.



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