My Favorite Song
Chapter Info
Volume: 17
Chapter: 148
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
Chapter Chronology
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My Favorite Song is the 148th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Volg manages to knockout his opponent, even faster than the current JBC featherweight champion Date. As Volg walks out of the ring, Ippo notices that he is not smiling and wonders why it is that he looks so sad. Later than night, both Aoki and Kimura win their matches, making it a 100% win for the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

When they leave, Ippo and Kimura are depressed, as they will be facing Volg and Mashiba respectively in the finals of the Class A Tournament. Takamura takes them to a karaoke in order to cheer them up, and sings a song repeatedly annoying the group. They notice Hayami acting on the TV, and wonder why someone who lost to Ippo has such a job. In order to psyche himself up, Aoki sings along with Takamura, who has been singing the same song many times already. He is followed by Kimura and finally by Ippo, which makes Yamada wonder for how many hours they will keep frantically singing.

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