Morris West (モリス · ウエスト, lit. morisu uesuto) is a Middleweight boxer from the Philippines. Despite his small amount of screen time, West showed to be a formidable puncher with an adept level of skill for boxing. He loses by a ring-out KO against Japan's KO king Takamura Mamoru.

Morris West
Japanese Name モリス · ウエスト
Gender Male
Homeland Philippines Philippines
Occupation Professional Boxer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Middleweight
Junior Middleweight
Height 185.0 cm (6')
Reach 185.8 cm (73")
Style N/A
Current Affiliation N/A
Trainer N/A
Boxing Record
Total fights 26
Wins 20
Wins by KO 15
Losses 4
Draws 2
Championships Filipino Middleweight Champion
Manga Debut Round 365
Manga Final Round 367
Anime Debut Round 16 (New Challenger)
Anime Final Round 17 (New Challenger)


West was established early as a formidable middleweight boxer and hopeful contender for a world ranking. He was first seen in his match against Takamura Mamoru, during which the latter participated in a weakened state due to his botched weight management (an outcome Aoki Masaru takes blame for as well). Underestimating Takamura's weakened punches, West takes an early lead until Takamura witnesses Bryan Hawk from the bleachers. Enraged by Hawk's smile Takamura retaliates furiously, surprising and defeating West via a ring-out KO. West flies from the ring and lands unconscious before a still-smiling Hawk. He is not seen again in the series.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 20-4-2 Takamura Mamoru KO 6(10) 1994-10-14 Tokyo, Japan "Apocalypse Now"
WIN 17-3-2 Unknown TKO 5(10) 1993 Tokyo, Japan N/A


West has a dark skin tone and muscular body of average height. Unlike Takamura, he doesn't seem to be struggling with weight management to be in peak physical condition for the middleweight class. He has dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and short messy dark colored hair. West's face appears to be quite rugged, and his cheekbones are quite prominent through his dark skin. He also has an amount of visible wrinkles and skin creases.

Morris in the manga and the anime.


Despite being given minimal screen time over the course of two episodes Morris' character is highlighted prominently during his match against Takamura. He has an attitude of a champion, and easily underestimates Takamura due to the latter's failed weight control prior to their match. Overconfident, he thanks Takamura silently from his own corner for giving him an "easy world ranking", but is subsequently shown to be shocked at Takamura's powerful comeback and his own loss.


  • Morris West seems to be based on real-life WBA Champion-Filipino boxer, "Morris East" from the Philippines, their names are similar and both are similar in their looks and even weight class.