Morikawa Jouji (森川ジョージ or 森川 常次), often romanized as George Morikawa, is a mangaka affiliated with Kodansha. He was born January 17th, 1966 in Tokyo and is a graduate of Matsubushi High School (松伏高等学校, Matsubushi Koutou Gakkou) in Saitama Prefecture.


George Morikawa

He is the author of Weekly Shonen Magazine's flagship series Hajime no Ippo, which won him the 15th Kodansha Manga Award in 1991.

He is also the owner of the boxing gym JB Sports Gym and occasionally acts as a second for some of his fighters.

His surname is Morikawa.


In his elementary school days, Morikawa would read the works of Chiba Tetsuya and aspired to to become a mangaka. He would always get into fights during middle school and high school, and even got a week's suspension on the day of his high school entrance ceremony for fighting with a student who had a gun in his shoe locker. On the other hand, he also served on the student council. He released his debut manga, Silhouette Night, while still in high school.

However, all of his serialized works were one after another cancelled before completion. The editing staff would always give him another chance however, and the idea that this series was in a way just another chance made the shock of what happened next even bigger. Because he already had a wife and child and times were so hard for him, Morikawa decided if this next series fails he would give up being a mangaka. So for his final attempt, he decided to draw a manga about his favorite sport, boxing. Started in 1989 and still in serialization as of 2017, Hajime no Ippo became a huge hit and has indeed become the flagship series of Weekly Shonen Magazine.


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  • Morikawa was a second before he started the serialization of the series Hajime no Ippo.
  • Morikawa enjoys fishing, which is more than likey why Ippo's family runs a fishing boat rental.
  • Nishimoto Hideo, author of Weekly Shonen Magazine's Mou, Shimasen kara., often draws Morikawa in his manga as a bully character. In return, Morikawa drew the cover art for volume 4 of the collected series.
  • A Special "documentary" between the boxing manga series and the boxers in real life has been released. Including the famous mangaka of Ashita no Joe , Tetsuya Chiba, other remarkable names of professional boxers as the super flyweight WBO Champion Nouya Inoue, middleweight WBA Champion Ryōta Murata, Former super featherweight WBA Champion Takashi Uchiyama as well as the veteran WBA Champ Yoko Gushiken, make their apparition in the Hajime no Ippo Sports x Manga Special.

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