Miyata Senior, credited as Miyata's Father (宮田父, lit. miyata chichi) is a trainer at the Kawahara Boxing Gym. He is a retired Featherweight boxer and the father of Miyata Ichirou. He worked as a trainer at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym until Miyata left the gym to fight Makunouchi Ippo in the pro ring.

His surname is Miyata. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names. Miyata's given name is currently unknown.

Miyata Senior
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Japanese Name 宮田
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Family Ichirou (son)
Occupation Kamogawa Boxing Gym Professional Boxer, Trainer (formerly)
Kawahara Boxing Gym Trainer
Boxer Info
Weight Class None
Style Out-Boxer
Current Affiliation Kawahara Boxing Gym
Previous Affiliation(s) Kamogawa Boxing Gym
Previous Trainer(s) Kamogawa Genji
Date(s) Retired ca. 1980
Boxing Record
Total fights Unknown
Wins Unknown
Wins by KO Unknown
Losses 1
Championships JBC Featherweight Championship
OPBF Featherweight Championship
Manga Debut Round 2
Manga Final 1233
Anime Debut Round 5 (The Fighting)
Anime Final Round 122 (Rising - 18)
Voice Actor Ishizuka Unshou
Nakamura Hidetoshi (Drama CD)


Miyata Sr On Ring

During fight with Raccon Boy Sr.

Young Miyata's Father

Miyata's father younger.

Formerly Japanese and OPBF featherweight champion, he was an acclaimed boxer with hopes of challenging the world, whose style and technique were a source of admiration for his son, Miyata Ichirou. While in the final round of his seventh title defense, he was defeated by Racoon Boy, with what many refer to as "a lucky punch", despite having the lead in the scorecards. He sustained a terrible injury to his jaw, but it was his mental state that suffered the most.

Unable to overcome his feelings of helplessness, he was convinced that his style was not good enough to defeat raw strength. The defeated champion abandoned the opportunity to make a comeback, and retired permanently from boxing. After retirement, Miyata begins working at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym as a boxing trainer, and his son's personal coach.



Miyata and his father during the spar.

Early Days

Miyata's father acts as Miyata's cornerman for his sparring match against Makunouchi Ippo. After his sons defeat in a sparring match at the hands of newcomer Ippo, who they both largely underestimated, the father-son duo decides to quit the gym, with hopes of settling the score in an official match. They later join the Kawahara Boxing Gym, where they began preparations for the upcoming East Japan Rookie King Tournament.

Rookie King Tournament

Miyata's father acts as Miyata's cornerman during his match against Takada Teruhiko. Miyata's father tells Miyata about Ippo's win against Hayami Ryuuichi. Mashiba's father acts as Miyata's cornerman during his match against Mashiba Ryou. After Miyata's lost, Miyata's father got rid of the reporters and sees Ippo who sends him a message he got from Miyata, "Forgive me.".

Match History

Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS Randy Boy Senior KO Unknown ca.1980 Unknown OPBF Championship Match, led to subsequent retirement
WIN Yanaoka KO Unknown ca.1980 Japan Unknown


Miyata's father shows obvious telltale signs of old age and, despite being a boxer in his younger years, has lost a significant amount of muscle mass. He has discolored hair that shows little signs of balding, eyebrows of average thickness, a comparatively large nose and expressive eyes with small dark pupils. His cheekbones and dimples are also shown to be quite prominent in his old age.


In his younger years as a boxer, Miyata's father was shown to love boxing and his own style of boxing with great passion, a passion he passes on to his son Miyata Ichirou. He appeared confident and was considered a world contender in his prime form. Consequent to his pride-shattering loss against Randy "Raccoon" Boy Miyata's Father retired, melancholic on the fact that his technique was no match for raw strength in the long run. Since then Miyata's father has been acting as his son's personal trainer, retaining a keen eye and focused seriousness for boxing as he had in his younger years, but little of the enthusiasm.

Fighting Style and Techniques

Miyata's father is a out-boxer who used the same style that his son Miyata Ichirou uses. It is shown that he could win his fights by points, but he would rather finish fights by KO (which lead to the loss to Randy "Raccoon" Boy). He lacked power so he would use counters as his primary weapon to finish his opponents. Miyata's father used extraordinary speed, timing, and courage. It is revealed that his skills were far greater than his son, when Yagi states that Miyata Ichirou (who was at the time the OPBF champ and a world ranker) "still has a long ways to go." It is possible that Miyata's father has the same level boxing sense as genius Itagaki Manabu, since coach Kamogawa mentions that Miyata's father experienced the "above ring perspective" that Itagaki experienced during his match against Saeki.



Like his son he lacked power in his regular punches. It's also possible that since he has the same style as his son that he shared the same predictability as well. Miyata's father was not plagued by weight control like his son so stamina was not the problem.