Mix Up
Chapter Info
Volume: 30
Chapter: 263
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 19
Chapter Chronology
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Mix Up is the 263rd chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.


  • Characters Introduced: None
  • Locations Introduced: None
  • Techniques Introduced: None
  • Mentioned Boxers: None
  • Title Page Character(s): Makunouchi Ippo, Sendou Takeshi


The match continues with both fighters receiving and delivering punches powerful enough to knock out an ordinary man. As the seemingly even exchange goes on, the venue is in an uproar with chants for both Ippo and Sendou. As Takamura suspects, and Fujii explains to Mari, both Yanaoka and Kamogawa know that in this fight, their boxers have evolved and will keep evolving until the very end, displaying determination never seen before. The seconds agree that they will not throw the towel in, no matter what, because they want to see how far they can get on their own. Sendou finally lands a clean left on Ippo's face, sending him back as he has flashbacks of how he became the man he is today in order to protect his loved ones. Ippo returns with a right and remembers how he got into boxing after meeting Takamura. He also believes that by defeating Sendou, he will find the meaning of being strong. Both fighters tell themselves that they will win, and the round comes to an end.

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