Mike Elliot
Mike Elliot 1
Nickname(s) "The Hunter"
Gender Male
Homeland USA America
Boxer Info
Weight Class Junior Lightweight
Style Out Boxer
Stance Orthodox Stance
Trainer Mike Elliot's trainer
Boxing Record
Total fights N/A
Wins N/A
Wins by KO N/A
Losses 1
Championships IBF Junior Lightweight Championship
Manga Debut Round 985
Anime Debut Does not appear
Mike Elliot is a character in Hajime no Ippo. He is the former IBF Junior Lightweight champion, a former Silver Olympic Medalist, and close friends former WBC Middleweight champion David Eagle. He lost the title to Alexander Volg Zangief.


Elliot is a former Olympian. He won the silver medal in the Olympics on the same team as David Eagle. After the Olympics he turned pro and became the IBF junior lightweight champion. He looked forward to having a match with an opponent with the same level of technique as himself.

He was the reigning champion when Volg Zangief came to America, making 5 successful title defenses. Although he recognized Volg's strength and wanted to fight him, his trainers avoided Volg[1], waiting until they could spring a surprise challenge that would give Volg little opportunity (only one week) to prepare for their match. In the meantime, Elliot developed a counter to Volg's White Fang.

When their match started, Elliot had several advantages, starting with being on home turf. He maintained the upper hand for the first few rounds of the match, but in the fifth round Volg came back and scored a down. The referee purposely slowed the count, allowing Elliot to get back on his feet. Elliot, who had been unconscious, didn't notice, and gladly continued the fight.

Volg then gave up on technique and unleashed a flurry of White Fangs on Elliot. Although he was able to counter each one, Elliot was quickly KOed, losing both his title and the match.

Match HistoryEdit

 Non. Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
N/A LOSS N/A Russia Alexander Vorg Zangief TKO 5(12), 1:33 1997-02 Las Vegas, United States Lost IBF Junior Lightweight Championship


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Unknown IBF Junior Lightweight World Championship Alexander Volg Zangief


Elliot is an African American boxer with an athletic build. He has a short haircut and triangular goatee.


Elliot is confident and slightly arrogant. Though he is aware that Volg is handicapped, he expresses no sympathy for him. However, he also possesses great sportsmanship and an appreciation of the technical side of boxing. He holds other cerebral fighters in high regard.

Fighting StyleEdit

Elliot is an out boxer who prefers to look at boxing match as a game of chess. Out thinking the other fighter in a tactical match is his mainstay. He has great reflexes and even better observational skills. No technique will work on him twice. After he picks up a fighter rhythm he can even anticipate their moves. He always studies his opponents before and during the fight, and is always looking for a chance to counter. Elliot was able to counter and block Volg's signature white fang more than once. He was also able to force Volg past 5 rounds, showing that he has excellent stamina. David Eagle, one of the most powerful characters in the series, stated he was an excellent boxer.



His main weakness is his sole reliance on his reflexes and technique. Volg is able to beat him using pure determination and spirit after he turns the chess match into a fight. Volg also states that the power of Mike's punches were inferior to that of Sendou Takeshi's.



  • His fighting style and history share striking similarities to Floyd Mayweather Jr., who also won an Olympic bronze medal in 1996 and a world championship after turning pro (including a junior lightweight championship).


  1. Ch.1000, p.14

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