Mikami Coach (三上コーチ) is a trainer at Nishikawa Boxing Gym.

Mikami Coach
Japanese Name 三上
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Family Reiko (daughter)
Occupation Trainer
Manga Debut N/A
Anime Debut Round 10 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Nagashima Yuuichi


When he first saw Oda Yusuke, Mikami was impressed by his potential, and when Oda won his first match with a powerful right, he thought he could make him the featherweight Japanese champion. After some time he realized that Oda was not a hard-working boxer, and did not take boxing seriously as he believed the power of his right was all he needed.

When his fighter's match with Makunouchi Ippo is announced, Mikami forbids Oda from seeing his daughter and warns him about Ippo's potential. When Oda finally decides to train seriously, the coach-boxer duo does so with enthusiasm.

Despite their hard work, they ultimately fall short in the actual fight, where after a great display of courage, Oda earns his coach's respect, but loses the fight.

After the end of the fight, he tells Oda to not quit boxing, and that they'll win the next fight.

Boxers TrainedEdit


Coach Mikami has a black hair and dark brown eyes. He usually wears a turquoise colored shirt.


Mikami is a serious looking and an angry man. He takes his trainings seriously. When one of his boxers get lazy, he yells at them, especially to his most lazy boxer Oda.


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