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  • I live in Turkiye
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Web Designer
  • I am Male
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  • Hey cemanga, quick question here because I know you're busy.

    How would you create a linkable button with a div? I know how to create the div as a button, but I can't make the div a clickable link. All I end up doing is making the text on the button clickable, not the space around the text. Do you know how?


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  • I’m new to not only this particular site but to wikia itself, but I’ve been doing some serious amount of editing on another wiki so I’m used to the basics, Ippo is one of my favorite manga of all time so for me contribute here is a definite must. Let me start by saying that before doing any sort of contribution, I’d like to first interact with the people in charge of this wiki, I’ve learned that it is always best to first asks for some guidance to people with more experience and knowledge here. That been said; I already sent a message to the other admin (really nice guy) and Unknown50-san who along with you seem to be the guys who are more active.

    Basically, I plan to contribute a WHOLE LOT here but before I get into what it is exactly, I’d like to simply get a confirmation of you receiving this message (it would be silly for me to keep going unless I’m sure you’re getting this). Thanks a lot for your time.

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  • Cemanga, the images of some places in mexico you uploaded, i already made ones combined together in the past, but Iloveflash said to me that it does not need because the place is in real life, all goes in the wikipedia or something and no need.

    Wait..seems you already added them, well nevermind. Check history of the page.

    Here is my old picture of the monuments/places of Mexico -!.png

    You actually made the gallery better by writing "illustrated in the manga" which is something i never thought. So Iloveflash would like it, i think.

    Because at that time i posted it with a template and it looked ridiculous. :P

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  • Hey man, did you update all the badges? They look splendid! Kudos to you or whoever did. The "manga chapters" track is such a genius idea, I'm mad I never thought of it.

    Maybe I don't deserve to say this for taking so long to implement the badges myself, but there are a few images that don't apply to the respective badge. Here's a list of them (and feel free to point out any changes you would make):

    Badge Name Character
    Inter-High Championship Awarded Imai Kyousuke
    A Man of the Sea Shimabukuro Iwao
    Wind God Ippo! Surprised you didn't get that one...
    Stop Crashing Your Bike Kimura Tatsuya
    Not Bad, Pretty Boy Hayami Ryuuichi
    Wolf Aright Volg, he gets 3 badges since he is the only character in all three categories of boxing styles
    First Step to the Ace of A'sKarasawa Takuzo
    A Speed Star You AreSaeki Takuma (Sawamura should probably get a badge in the Out boxers track though, perhaps in place of Karasawa? And it could be called "Keep Crashing Your Bike" or something.)
    Genius Itagaki Manabu
    Good Job...MaronBaron Kurita, didn't know who else to put there because most hybrid boxers are really good
    Find Your Own StyleOkita Keigo
    Past Your PrimeDate in Season 1
    Super DoctorSanada Kazuki
    A Samurai from JapanDate in Season 2
    The Southpaw TrapShigeta Akira
    One Punch Isn't BoxingHoshi Horyuki (but I like Mashiba way more for this track, so maybe  we'll replace this badge with him)
    Nothing Up Your SleevesMalcolm Gedo
    Asura Sees YouRandy Boy Jr.

    All the other badges are correct, you hit the nail on the head! By the way, what do you think of those character designations? Good, bad?

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    • Hi man, sorry about that. I will change these as sson as possible. Sorry I did'nt get these, its not because of they are wrong (believe me they are definietly great, I can't believe how I didn't get these).

      By the way, what do you think if we change the Image Uploader/Designer badges with Imuezawa's anime and manga stills?

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    • Change as many badges as you can. Make this wiki all about Ippo!

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    • Hahaha, sure will do. For now I have limited time, thats why I changed first 3 mistakes but I will correct all of them soon.

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  • Cemanga, i would suggest not to edit all chapters without the summary. I stopped adding/making more chapters cause it seems the summary needs to be written from volume 6. But instead you made more chapters.

    I do not care who edits them, but it kinda needs time to write off the summary of each chapter. Same goes for the episodes, which i completely mistaken the Rising episodes without synopsis/summary. I will edit their summary when i have time.

    IF: Do you have time to edit the summary for the manga chapters? I have but not much. If you have then you can continue, i will help you adding the chapters.

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    • Yes, thanks for the reminder. I don't have time to add summaries right now, so I thought may be I can add some chapters to make it easier to add summaries later.

      Thanks for noticing the chapters :) you are a great watcher on this site.

      I would be greatful for your help, thanks man.

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    • Alright i guess, i might go edit the summary tomorrow because i will have alot of time, starting the chapters from the 6th volume. I do not think there's another day that i am completely free so i will go focus on the episodes for now, i have alot of work there.

      That's all, thanks!

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  • Hey Cemanga!

    I had this idea for a while now, and i already talked about it a little with Iloveflash, and he said that i could discuss it with you and that you are good at these, and you might be able to do it easily. Check a bit for the comments here > Thread.

    It is about doing the Main Page's, Latest Episode and Chapter in the same horizontal line. Putting them in collums in other way. In the middle of them there will be a fully vertically line, until down to the Characters line. Left the latest episode and after from the line on the right the latest chapter, and then information below them like the image etc like they are currently are.

    It is just a thought, if you have time, you might do it easily. I could have done it myself and not to trouble anyone but seems i do not know how to do it.

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    • I fixed the other ones :)

      Thanks, and keep up the good work you too with the manga chapters.

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    • This might be usefull - Badges

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  • Congratulations, you've been promoted to Admin! This means you now have access to all the back-door features of the site. :D I promoted you because you're much more tech-savvy than myself. I hope you'll employ those skills around here every once in a while.

    A few pieces of advice:

    1) Always ask for help. We've got a handful of active members now, so utilize them. If activity dies down at any time, contact wikia staff for assistance.

    2) Don't abuse power. You can now ban people from the site, but with great power...well, you know. :P Only ban people who explicitly vandalize pages, and don't ban them for excessively long periods because remember, they are people, and sometimes they are just playing around. Don't ever ban someone because you disagree with their edits; try talking to them instead.

    3) Welcome the newcomers. They are the future admins in disguise.

    4) Don't promote lots of people. It can be tempting, but the truth is many people who are active are only active for a short time. It's been two years since I became admin and you are the first person I promoted to admin. In the past I have given people rollback rights but had to take them away because the person became inactive. It's a tough call, but you just have to use your better judgment.

    With admins, you want to look for people who are at least decent at English, skilled at something (coding, designing, reverting troll edits, etc.), as well as have generally awesome personalities. They also have to be constant visitors of the wiki. This is why I promoted you!

    Bureaucrats are folks who are simply active. They have the ability to appoint new admins. It's not an important role but you can't reverse the promotion.

    Rollback rights should go to anyone who has edited a specific section of the wiki (gyms, boxing ranks, etc.) so they can police their own pages. Again, take it away if they aren't active.

    That's it! I'm here if you need help with anything. Just drop a message on my talk page.

    Welcome to the club! :) Go ahead and take a look at the Admin dashboard:

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  • Hey Cemanga. Glad to see you participating again, your latest contributions are awesome.

    However, please avoid editing the look of the front page without discussing it with the community. The page is open for people to add to the gallery and nothing more. Stylistic changes should always be discussed with the community beforehand. For instance, imagine if someone came along and changed how the page looked to their own liking? And then someone came and changed it again. It's likely no one would enjoy the changes after a while. That's why there should always be discussion about these things.

    Also, please don't change the comment layout. The huge spaces left between sections is meant for the page to be easy to read. Many people get eye strain from having text so close together, let's be considerate of those people. :)

    I'm reverting your latest edits. Put up a blog post about the look of the wiki so we can have other people have their say on the matter. Otherwise you're free to edit as you please.


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    • I'm totally sorry about that, normally I'm a webdesiner so when it comes to coding I just can't help myself but fixing it and you are totally right. Again sorry about that. Before seing this message I also updated the main page agian, if you want, you can revert to earlier look, I'm tottally cool with that. Next time I will post a discussion on forum.

      Thanks (and sorry again).

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    • Wow, I didn't know you were a web designer. How long have you been at it? Maybe some day you can show me your tricks!

      Also, I saw how you put the two affiliate templates together. I think that looks somewhat better than what we have now. Would you mind doing that again?

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    • It's been almost 8 years and still counting. I'm usually coding with php and javascript. I have to say if you want to do it as a professional you need to really work hard but if you only want to know basics, you can learn it in a month or so.

      Sure, why not :)

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  • I'm just wondering why you re-wrote what I wrote for chapter 41 "The secret of the foot" or something like that. was mine no good? please tell me becuase i want to help expand this wiki

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  • Hi, welcome to Wiki Ippo! Thanks for your edit to the Hachinoe Coach page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Thanks and no problem, I will continue to edit or create some pages that are not created or not updated. I will if any, thanks again.

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