Medgoen Dachboy is a former MuayThai Kickboxer and Boxer from Thailand, formerly affiliated with Mr. Sakaguchi.

Medgoen Dachboy
Gender N/A
Homeland Thailand Thailand
Family Maria (Daughter)
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Height 167.1 cm (5'5")
Reach 168 cm (66")
Style In Fighter
Current Affiliation Unknown
Trainer Unknown
Previous Trainer(s) Mr. Sakaguchi
Boxing Record
Rank 3rd (OPBF)
Total fights 15
Wins 13
Wins by KO 12
Losses 2
Manga Debut Round 529
Anime Debut Round 18 (Rising)
Voice Actor Kensuke Sato


Medgoen had a daughter that was very sick to the brink of death and didn't have enough money to pay for medical attention. He was approached by Mr. Sakaguchi, offering Medgoen to work for him, with a task to go a full 10 Rounds against The OPBF Featherweight Champion Miyata Ichirou. With the need for money to cure his daughter, Medgoen accepted without a second thought.


Medgoen appeared in Yokohama Arena infront of 15.000 crowd to in the Match for the OPBF Featherweight Champion Belt against Ichiro Miyata. For 5 Rounds Medgoen stayed completely on the defensive not attempting to hit Miyata even once. Miyata however, despite the fact that he could safely win by outboxing, purposely challenged Medgoen to an in-fight in order to convince him to fight like a man. Medgoen accepted after a while, saying that there was no greater shame for a boxer than to hold back in the ring. He went all out against Miyata and even after being nailed a few times by Miyata's counters, he kept fighting. In a last resort attack against the champion, he was sent flying by Miyata's Counter.

Boxing Style & TechniquesEdit

Medgoen even among the Muay Thai ranks, where boxers are known to be good at taking hits, he was known for his toughness. During his fight with Miyata he took many body without any visible signs of exhaustion, with Sakaguchi noting from his corner that no matter how many body blows Miyata thew at him he wouldn't be affected at all.

For the offensive part, Medngern possesed short and sharp hooks, that he could throw them as a combination in manner very similar to Makunouchi Ippo's Dempsey Roll.

Boxing RecordEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 13-2-0 Miyata Ichirou KO 5(12) 1995 Yokohama, Japan OPBF Featherweight Title Match



  • Like some Thai characters from different manga series, he possesses black sclera and light colored iris.
  • His has the same name as Medgoen Singsurat, a former lineal Flyweight Champion from Thailand, famously for being the second boxer that was able to score an early knockdown (3rd Round) against the Filipino number one Pound for Pound champion of the world (Ahead of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Juan Manuel Márquez), Manny Pacquiao, one of the greatest boxers in recent boxing history. Despite their differences, "Dachboy & Singsurat" in both appearance and weight class.

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