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Chapter 1169
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Japanese Title: はじめの一歩 1169
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A live television broadcast of the world title match of Nankun, one step and Miyata appears on the screen.

One step is to find the camera that you are viewing.

Miyata says that when asking what he is willing to do in the first step, he waving his hand and informing everyone in the gym where he is making good friends with Miyada.
Miyata admires for the first time he is trying to stop doing what he is trying to do but also for the first unpleasant genius.

Aoki and Kimura of Kamogawa Jim who was watching the broadcast are bothered by a step not noticing what is being done to Ate Horses.

Miyata advises again to stop waving at the first step.

One step is shocked by the word Miyata 's not noticeable. To the fact that I was going to stand out without knowing that I intended to live not to be noticeable.

One step drips your head. Miyata is said to be matured.

One step is to ask about Mr. Miyata 's "genius".
Miyata staring at a step | Quoted from the beginning of the story

Miyata is said to be quiet with sharp eyesight.

One step is to reply and to face down.

Nanyun enters from the blue corner. As soon as the venue is ringing Nankun calls.

One step is talking about sparring with Nanun.

Miyata also said that those who were killed by the spiraling of the Nanko had mistaken that they were down because they were the only ones who were down.

Miyata glare at the first step, grasp the first breadth and hear questions from Miyata as he wants to hear about the matter.
Question as to whether he was truly tormented by the spiraling of the Nunumi Miyata | Quoted from the beginning of the issue

Miyata calls Nancyle and asked if he was truly played with sparring.

One step, thinking a bit, point out Miyata 's caught phrase.

In the ring, the world champion also ringed in, both of them came together.

A ceremony starts in the air unique to the world war.

One step is that today's Miyata is strange. One step is that it was true that two people got paddled by the Nunune and that it was rude to call the older Nanuni.
There was no schedule for Miyata 's first game, so it was a step for the two parties to be good friends.

Miyata is said to be clear once again after listening to a single step. I do not intend to make friends with one step.

And I again hit the question I made.

When one step tries to comment on the question of Miyata, the gun of the world title match of Nanku rings.

Nanuni keeps the distance while punching world champion.

One step to feel that Nanun is feeling good.

Miyata takes the rhythm.

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