Makunouchi Kazuo (幕之内一男) is the deceased father of protagonist Makunouchi Ippo who died years before the setting of the series.

Makunouchi Kazuo
Japanese Name 秋場所一男
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Family Makunouchi Hiroko (Wife)
Ippo (son)
Occupation Makunouchi Fishing Boat (First Owner)
Manga Debut Round 1 (Picture)
Anime Debut Round 1 (The Fighting) (Picture)
Voice Actor Terasoma Masaki


Not much is known about his past other than he was a fisherman who loved to get into fights, and that he had a powerful punch. He died when Ippo was much younger,

He had decided to start the shop and retire from fishing after one last go, he promised his son and wife he would be back, and that he would stay at home after that. However, during the fishing trip, the ship was wrecked by a storm, and he saved one of his friends at the cost of his own life. Later after a few weeks since the accident, when all hope was lost and the search for him had been called off, he "fulfilled" his promise and "came back" home. Ippo heard a voice in the middle of the night, while he was waiting at the dock for his father to come back, and he found his father's newly bought hat.

In a flashback in volume 56, Kazuo said Ippo was weak and he was going to "train" him. It is unknown what training he was planning to put Ippo through. It is through his strategy that Ippo beat Shimabukuro (When Kazuo was to fight a stronger opponent, he would picture his opponent as a fish and all the tension would go away).

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