Makunouchi Hiroko
Japanese Name 幕之内 寛子
Gender Female
Birth date November 12, 1949
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Family Kazuo (husband, deceased)
Ippo (son)
Occupation Makunouchi Fishing Boat owner
Manga Debut Round 1
Anime Debut Round 1 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Terauchi Yorie
Katsuki Masako (Rising Flashback)
Murakami Harumi (Drama CD)

Makunouchi Hiroko (幕之内 寛子) is the mother of protagonist Makunouchi Ippo and the owner and operator of Makunouchi Fishing Boat.



Makunouchi Hiroko younger.

Hiroko is Ippo's widowed mother. She started running the fishing business after her husband, Makunouchi Kazuo, died after saving his friend Sakuma. Since Kazuo's death, Ippo and Hiroko have been more or less alone in the world; so the strength of their family bond is no surprise.


Ippo's Pro DebutEdit

As Makunouchi Ippo comes home from school, Hiroko notices he got beat up by students again. As Ippo is about to leave for the gym, Hiroko suggests to think of his opponent as a fish, like his father used to.

Makunouchi Ippo vs Oda YusukeEdit

Before his debut match, Ippo asked her to put his name in his new trunks, but gave her an incorrect spelling (IPO), which he ended up wearing anyways, since it was too late when he noticed.

Rookie King Tournament - First Round: Makunouchi Ippo vs Jason OzumaEdit

At home, Ippo asks Hiroko if she could come see him fight, Hiroko responds that she doesn't want to see her son get hit.

Rookie King Tournament - Second Round: Makunouchi Ippo vs Kobashi KentaEdit

Ippo is worried that Hiroko is doing too much work, when Ippo is asked to go to outdoor camp, Hiroko lets him go.



She is a very kind and strong willed woman who cares for her son a great deal. Though she refuses to attend any of Ippo's matches because she doesn't want to watch him get hurt, she supports his boxing wholeheartedly because she knows how much joy it has brought to his life and how it has helped him with his self-esteem.


  • "You want me to come and watch you get punched? ...I'll definitely come when you won't get punched at all." - Episode 14, when Ippo asked her to come to one of his matches (to which Ippo thought, "That's impossible.")

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