Makino Fumito
Japanese Name 牧野 文人
Nickname(s) The Bad Grass

The Cheater

Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Pro Boxer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Height 166.5 cm (5'5")
Reach 169.6 cm (66")
Style Unorthodox Boxing Style
Stance Hitman Style
Current Affiliation Sayama Boxing Gym
Trainer Sayama coach
Boxing Record
Total fights 8
Wins 5
Wins by KO 5
Losses 3
Draws 0
Manga Debut Round 363
Anime Debut Round 15 (New Challenger)
Voice Actor Satou Takuya

Makino Fumito (牧野 文人) is a character in Hajime no Ippo. He is a featherweight boxer affiliated with the Sayama Boxing Gym. His main fights in the series are against Itagaki Manabu.

His surname is Makino. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names.


Makino is the black mark of Itagaki's pro debut. After being told by his coach that he would have to let him go if he were to lose the match, Makino began desperately using fouls against Itagaki, winning the match using a headbutt and elbow. Neither foul was acknowledged by the ref so after Itagaki's second down, Makino was declared the winner. Following a later win, Makino adopts a Hitman Style similar to that used by Mashiba Ryou. His trainer says that he chose this style because he wished to use a more offensive style of boxing.

Makino's only fan is Atsushi, a young boy who is confined to a wheelchair. Makino's sympathy for Atsushi leads him to want to show the boy that hard work pays off, even for underdogs like him. Because of Atsushi, Makino attends his bout with Itagaki in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament choosing not to commit any fouls. He loses by second round KO.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 5-3-0 Itagaki Manabu TKO 2(4) 1995-09 Tokyo, Japan East Japan Rookie King Tournament Semi-Finals
WIN 5-2-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 199? Tokyo, Japan East Japan Rookie King Tournament Quarter Finals
WIN 4-2-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 199? Tokyo, Japan East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 2
WIN 3-2-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 199? Tokyo, Japan East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1
WIN 2-2-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 1994 Tokyo, Japan N/A
WIN 1-2-0 Itagaki Manabu TKO 1(4), 1:13 1994-10 Tokyo, Japan Itagaki's Pro Debut
LOSS 0-2-0 Unknown N/A ?(4) 199? Tokyo, Japan After this fight, if Makino loses the next match he will be obliged to leave the club Sayama
LOSS 0-1-0 Unknown N/A ?(4) 199? Tokyo, Japan Pro Debut



First seen in Itagaki's debut match, despite having a passion for boxing, Makino was portrayed as an awkward boxer with a meek attitude and a lacking in self-confidence. Prior to Itagaki's rematch against him, Makino's personality changed drastically. After developing the Hitman-Style, Ippo notes Makino as having a similar style to Mashiba whilst having an even worse in-ring attitude than Sawamura. After he was starting to win matches, and making all his way up to reaching the All Japan Rookie King Tournament, he changed completely, becoming unsociable and vindictive.  When he met once again with Itagaki face to face since their first match, his behavior towards him was aggressive and vindictive, also mocking Ippo by stepping on his foot when walking away. Makino is shown to be extremely jealous of the 'elite' class of prestigious boxers, like Itagaki, deeming himself to be a "weed". After winning against his first opponent with a foul, Makino developed a taste for fouling opponents whenever he deemed it necessary and wasn't against breaking the rules for his own gain. However, he deliberately refrained from fouling Itagaki in their rematch due to Atsushi being a spectator, wanting to prove to him that even someone like himself could suceed through hard, honest work.

Boxing StyleEdit

Early in his boxing career as he was seen in Itagaki's debut match, he was a fairly unskilled boxer, resorting to cheating out of sheer desperation to win. Later in the story, his style changed alot; after winning some more matches prior to his win against Itagaki, his coach taught him more about boxing, and he wished to develop his boxing ability into a more aggressive one, later adopting the Hitman-Style. He became a lot stronger since his match against Itagaki, and also he followed the rules without cheating like before, even if he tried in the end of the rematch against Itagaki.



Makino is overall an unskilled boxer at worst and a mostly average one at best. As such, he has far more trouble when boxing against those with greater experience and a superior skillset to him - the "elite" as he calls them.