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Episode 25: A Vow (Rising)


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Chapter 1075: Words of Resolve

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  • discussion page Talk:Ralph Anderson
    new comment by Iloveflash 4 days ago
    Comment: In the 1950s Japan didn't have weight classes.
  • discussion page Talk:Randy Boy Junior
    new comment by FilBox101 4 days ago
    Comment: Hey don't forget about ( Lupet, Hagibis, Cimarron & Danas) they are supporting cast of Marvel: Blade the Animation on episode 3,..
  • discussion page Talk:Nekota Ginpachi
    new comment by FilBox101 4 days ago
    Comment: Which Mean Ippo and Miyata are destined to fight one another like Gengi and Ginpachi
  • discussion page Talk:Tekken
    new comment by FilBox101 4 days ago
    Comment: Now that is a Brutal Technique!!!...
  • discussion page Talk:Ralph Anderson
    new comment by FilBox101 4 days ago
    Comment: Well i had a question about this guys weight division how come he fought against a bantamweight(118 lbs)  boxers like Hama Dankichi, Nekota Ginpachi,...
  • discussion page First and last warning
    comment by Iloveflash


    Again, I'm sorry about things like that, but if I don't notice the errors, I can't fix them. I will make an effort to fix pages entirely from h... 



    I'd intended to revert your achievement points. Since it (apparently) didn't work, you'll be free to re-earn points by making those edits again. 

  • discussion page Talk:Wally
    new comment by FilBox101
    Comment: How come Wally/Woli take a shot at the Indonesian Featherweight champion with only a record of 2-0-0 in his matches??? 
  • discussion page is itagaki insane?
    created by A Wikia contributor

    A Wikia contributor

    He is not precisely insane he just lets his instinct carries over; so far in the series, the author has presented 2 different kinds of “fight...

    A Wikia contributor

    Very interesting answer 

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