The following is a list of characters who appear in Hajime no Ippo. Major character's names are listed in bold.

Kamogawa Boxing GymEdit

Kawahara Boxing GymEdit

Naniwa Kentou-kaiEdit

Toho Boxing GymEdit

Nishikawa Boxing GymEdit

Maeda Boxing GymEdit

Ohtaki Boxing GymEdit

Hachinoe Kentou-kaiEdit

Otowa Boxing GymEdit

Nakadai Boxing GymEdit

Kawai Boxing GymEdit

New Japan Boxing GymEdit

Kinoshita Boxing GymEdit

Mensore Okinawa Seaside GymEdit

Karil Boxing GymEdit

Kikumoto Boxing GymEdit

Sayama Boxing GymEdit

Sameichi Boxing GymEdit

Tsukuhara Boxing GymEdit

Boxers from Other GymsEdit

Foreign BoxersEdit




Junior LightwieghtEdit


Junior MiddleweightEdit


Other charactersEdit

Makunouchi Fishing BoatEdit

Kamogawa Gymmates' FriendsEdit

Itagaki's FamilyEdit

Takamura's FamilyEdit

Monthly Boxing Fan StaffEdit

Rival's SupportersEdit

Post War ArcEdit

Other ByplayersEdit

Pets and othersEdit

Real-Life BoxersEdit

(more to come)

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