Li Chon Pir
Gender Male
Homeland South Korea South Korea
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Style In Fighter
Current Affiliation Unknown
Trainer Unknown
Boxing Record
Rank 3rd (OPBF) (formerly)
Total fights 17
Wins 15
Wins by KO 13
Losses 2
Championships Korean Featherweight Champion
Manga Debut Round 206
Anime Debut Round 61 (The Fighting)

Li Chon Pir is a Korean boxer who fought against Miyata Ichirou for the OPBF Featherweight Championship.


Li had a match with Miyata when the latter was ranked 3rd in the OPBF. At the third round, Li couldn't keep up with Miyata. Li dashes into Miyata and begins to throw punches, but Miyata counters every punch, knocking Li down, causing him to lose the match.


Li has a tanned muscular body. He has black hair in a bowl cut, thin eyebrows and a large nose.


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