Lesson in Silence
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Volume: 31
Chapter: 273
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Lesson in Silence is the 273rd chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



It has been one week since Kimura began training with Miyata, who has been beating him at sparring sessions every single time, and using in-fighting nonetheless. While at his home thinking about his weakness, Kimura notices Reiko and decides to feed her. As he holds a fly over the fish, the latter jumps up and bites it out of the boxer's hand.

The next day at the gym, Mari brings over tapes of Mashiba's most recent fights, at Ippo's request, in order to help Kimura analyze them. Aoki offers to deliver the tapes as he is on his way out.

Encountering Miyata, who was in the middle of road work, Aoki gives him the tapes and asks if Kimura has a chance of winning. Miyata refuses to respond, and Aoki explains that due to his age, it might be Kimura's last chance. He then gets on his knees and begs Miyata to help Kimura give the best he has. He begs him to help him go through the match with no regrets and they part ways.

As he analyzes the videos, Kimura realizes just how many levels apart he and Mashiba are. Struggling to find an answer to Mashiba's technique, Kimura then realizes that what out-boxers hate the most is someone constantly pushing forward. He then realizes that was the reason for which Miyata would keep fighting at close range despite being an out-boxer himself. After that, he decides to start pressing forward for the remaining of his training.

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