Larry Bernard
Larry Bernard
Japanese Name ラリー·バーナード
Gender Male
Homeland USA America
Boxer Info
Weight Class Junior Middleweight
Height 183.5 cm (6')
Reach 184.5 cm (72")
Style In Fighter
Boxing Record
Total fights 24
Wins 20
Wins by KO 16
Losses 4
Manga Debut Chapter 463
Anime Debut Round 7 (Rising)

Larry Bernard is a American character in Hajime no Ippo. He is a Junior Middleweight boxer who fought and lost to Takamura Mamoru by K.O. on the opening round during the latter's first WBC Junior Middleweight title defense. In the press conference for the fight, Takamura vowed that he would not take a single punch in the fight. Bernard manages to hit Takamura, breaking the vow. However, Takamura KOs Bernard with one punch.

Appearance Edit

He has sharp eyes, dark brown skin, a neatly trimmed beard, and a muscular, well-built body.

Personality Edit

Larry Bernard shows as a gutsy and confident person when being interviewed at the Press Conference for the main event of WBC Junior Middleweight Title. He is also a serious person, as shown in the fight with Takamura.

Trivia Edit

  • His character resembles after a real life American Boxer and a Middleweight Champion Bernard Hopkins with both similar appearances and weight class.


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