Kurita Baron
Japanese Name 栗田 バロン
Nickname(s) "Maron"
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Japan
Occupation Freelance Trainer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Junior Lightweight
Previous Affiliation(s) Kamogawa Boxing Gym
Boxing Record
Total fights  ?
Wins  ?
Wins by KO  ?
Losses  ?
Draws  ?
Manga Debut Round 755
Anime Debut Does not appear

Kurita Baron (栗田 • バロン, lit. kurita baron) is a former member of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. Currently working as a freelance trainer, he is known for his brutal training regimes which few are capable of passing.



Iga and Baron

Kurita was a former member of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. According to Takamura, Kurita forfeited his debut match by refusing to show up. Later he was said to have wrecked his car and ruined his reputation to the point where no gym was willing to take him. He makes an effort to train the Kamogawa Group during the period of Genji's absence and tries to coax Ippo into teaming up with him. His attempts fail after Ippo throws him from the ring, openly admitting the fact that he would only let Kamogawa take him to the World Title. He is scared off by Takamura and later escapes from Kimura and Aoki, who chase him across Tokyo. He is then mentioned during the Gedo Storyline, going from room to room searching for prospects.

He is seen again in the Class-A Tournament as Shinobu's trainer, requesting that Shinobu break Aoki's spirit before knocking him out. Finally doing so as of Chapter 976, Kurita and Shinobu leave the stadium quietly as a stretcher arrives to carry Aoki to the hospital. He is then seen buying a drink from a vending machine, not having taken a single sip before Takamura snatches it from his hands, drinks it, and crushes it with ease. Kurita is then warned that "if anything happens to our class clown [Aoki]" the crushed can will symbolize Kurita in the future. Takamura says that Kurita is bringing grudges into the ring, turning boxing into nothing more than violence. Takamura is barely stopped from hitting Kurita by Iga, though Takamura calls the boxer nothing more than Kurita's dog. Angering Takamura by challenging him to say the name of the challenger that will avenge Aoki in the ring, Kurita recoils when Takamura kicks and destroys a glass door in barely-suppressed rage. Takamura merely says that Kurita's punishment will come.


Baron's eyes are constantly hidden behind a pair of black sunglasses. He sports a head of black hair styled in a slicked-back fashion accompanied by thick sharply curved eyebrows. A neat black moustache is also present on his upper-lip.


Baron is seen as a ruthless trainer, overworking his athletes with merciless training routines. Vindictive, he carries a deep-seated hatred for the Kamogawa Gym, making fun of Coach Kamogawa on many occasions.

He is shown to be brutal, petty and selfish, as seen in the Class-A tournament fight against Aoki Masaru. He tells his fighter, Iga Shinobu to 'break' Aoki's spirit after a long drawn-out battle and even goes as far as to threatening Shinobu to achieve his need for revenge. He is, however, also shown to be very cowardly, obviously easily intimidated by Takamura's threatening retribution on Kurita should Aoki's injuries be severe.



  • His nickname "Maron" means "chestnut" in Japanese.

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