Kumiko Morita
Kumiko Morita
Gender N/A
Homeland {{home:Japan}}
Occupation Idol
Manga Debut Round 132
Anime Debut Round 41
Kumiko Morita is a Japanese idol who once interviewed the members of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.


Due to the growing popularity of the members of the gym, a news crew set up with Yagi, an interview for the fighters with Kumiko. Upon arrival, she was asked for autographs and pictures by the boxers who simply wanted to show off theirs skills. Seeing as the only one who was seriously practicing was Ippo, she requested him to spar with her for the cameras (much to the annoyance of his gym mates).

Later that day, she also interviewed foreign fighter Alexander Volg Zangief at the Otowa Boxing Gym.

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