Kojima Hisato is a character in Hajime no Ippo. He was Makunouchi Ippo's opponent for his 8th defense of the JBC Featherweight Title.

His surname is Kojima. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names.

Kojima Hisato
Kojima closeup
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Professional Boxer (retired)
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Previous Affiliation(s) Moriyama Boxing Gym
Previous Trainer(s) Moriyama Coach
Date(s) Retired October 1997
Boxing Record
Rank Retired
Total fights  ?
Wins  ?
Wins by KO  ?
Losses  ? (1 Known)
Draws  ?
Manga Debut Round 916
Anime Debut Does not appear


Kojima was originally a Lightweight who had a friendly past with Aoki and Oda Yusuke who used to spar with him on occasion. Although his boxing record is unknown, it is hinted at being a mediocre one, as Aoki details that despite being able to maintain a decent ranking, he "just never really went anywhere." At some point, he broke his right hand and needed surgery twice. However, he fought before he fully recovered and broke it beyond repair. He boxed his way into the rankings with only his left, his signature punch being a powerful left hook.

He is a huge fan of Ippo, citing him as the fighter he wishes he could have been; he lost matches because he couldn't connect the big punches that Ippo always won with. Before the match between him and Ippo, he was massively hostile towards him insulted Ippo's past opponents before their fight, calling them "hacks" as well as calling Kamogawa's teaching methods faulty. All of this was in order to goad Ippo and make him angry so that he could fight the champion at his best. A curious fact is that he actually idolized Ippo's past opponents before their fight. At heart, he is a nice man who cheers very hard for his gym mates during their matches. He claims to know Ippo's weakness; Ippo always uses the same rhythm and style in fights, so Kojima spent hours watching his fight tapes in order to predict the order of Ippo's punches.

In preparation for the match, Kojima conditioned himself on a golf course and spent hours in a sauna to cut weight. According to a punch strength arcade game, his punch strength is over 1900 kilograms. He has a wife named Aki who is pregnant with their first child. As the fated day for his match with his idol came, Kojima had already planned a way to defeat Ippo's style; a powerful counter for when Ippo is within range from using his Peek-a-Boo style.

Although initially scared and nervous before the match, Kojima receives a letter from his wife, revealing that her soon to be baby is going to be a boy, giving Kojima the courage to take Ippo head on. Ippo and Kojima begun the match by not moving an inch from their positions, with the former gathering his power into his fist for a 100% punch for the first time in his career and the latter depending on his opponent to be the one the make the first move. This went on for a full minute, before Ippo finally charged and Kojima likewise moved in. Kojima's plan seemed to have worked as Ippo was now within range and set up for a counter-punch.  Ippo's intimidating presence unnerved Kojima and made him hesitate for a split second, but a vision of his wife and their soon to be born child gave Kojima the strength to follow through and hit Ippo head on with an insanely powerful counter.

Despite the intense training on Ippo's neck previously, Ippo fell victim to the counter punch and quickly fell into a haze and was promptly fading into unconsciousness. However Ippo suddenly remembered Takamura's advice to "remember their faces", which resulted in Ippo regaining his footing and suddenly throwing out an equally powerful punch. Kojima, defenseless, prepared himself to endure the hit and try again. He had unfortunately underestimated the power of the punch and was sent flying, flipping into the air and slamming his head twice on the canvas, devastatingly getting knocked into unconsciousness. Ippo left the ring the winner, but was still clearly upset and distraught.

Match History

Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS Makunouchi Ippo TKO 1(10), 2:07 1997-10 Tokyo, Japan

"Operation World Domination II" Semi-Final Japanese Featherweight Title Defense #8, Retained Japanese Featherweight Title, Relinquishes Title, (Retired after matchs)


Before his weight training, he appears to have a healthy looking body. He has uncombed black hair and a goatee. His expressions in front of others exude confidence. After the match with Ippo, he has his head shaved.


Kojima is an outwardly kind and approachable individual, easily able to make friends and strongly supports other members of his gym. He is also quick to stand up for himself, slyly retaliating against Miyata Ichirou's scorning of his inferior boxing style with equally damning comments about him being a "bore" and a "chicken". When meeting Ippo, he held a spiteful presence towards him and constantly goaded and taunted not only him but his previous challengers and Kamogawa as well, which greatly upset and angered Ippo. However, it is soon revealed that this attitude was nothing more than a facade to get Ippo to fight him at his best; he was actually a big fan of Ippo and idolized him and his style of boxing, going so far as to partly name his own son after him.


Kojima trash-talking Miyata.

Kojima is shown to be an exceptional trash-talker, effortlessly able to get under both Ippo and Miyata's skin with his comments.

Boxing StyleEdit

Kojima relies on an awkward and amateurish albeit devastating infighting boxing style that prioritizes on landing a TKO punch as quickly as possible, with his left fist supposedly hitting with the same force as a two-tonne vehicle. In fact, his punches are so powerful, that he ended up breaking his right fist and was forced to undertake surgery twice to repair the damage. If not for Ippo's iron chin and equally iron will during their match, Ippo would have easily been knocked out by Kojima's well-planned counter.



As previously mentioned, Kojima broke his right fist, greatly hindering his boxing ability and potential. This practically forced him to solely use his left for delivering powerful blows. When fighting against Ippo, Kojima demonstrated a large number of flaws in his boxing style. Aside from the obvious handicap of prioritizing solely on his left, he had problems cutting weight for his fight and likely would not have been able to go long in any match in the featherweight division, let alone against Ippo. Kojima's lack of footwork is also a massive weakness, as he was too focused on landing his practiced counter. Aoki himself stated that he was able to beat him in a spar because of his inferior footwork.



  • His gym is not shown or even mentioned in the manga, but in chapter 927 page 3, written text on his coach's shirt indicates that he trains at Moriyama Boxing Gym.