Knuckle Drop
User(s) Sendou Takeshi
First Appearance
Manga Round 1090
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Chopping Right


The Knuckle Drop is Sendou Takeshi's variation of the Chopping Right. He mimicked it after seeing Mashiba use it several times.

Application Edit

After performing a feint with his Smash that causes the opponent to duck in evasion, Sendou delivers a blow to the crouched opponent with his opposite, upheld hand--a blow exactly like Mashiba's Chopping Right.

Though it is difficult to tell from the artwork, the crowd's reaction to the punch suggests that his fist actually hits the canvas at the end, causing the entire ring to tremble.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

Like the Chopping Right, it can only be done on shorter opponents, so in Sendou's case the feint Smash must cause the opponent to duck if he wants to follow up with the Knuckle Drop. As usual, he swings the punch so widely that the opponent can still dodge it if they see it coming. The punch will, however, obliterate their guard.

Gallery Edit

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