Kinoshita Boxing Gym Manga

Kinoshita Boxing Gym

Kinoshita Boxing Gym Manga Closer

Closer look of the Kinoshita Boxing Gym.

Kinoshita Boxing Gym Anime

Kinoshita Boxing Gym in the Champion Road.

Kinoshita Boxing Gym (木下ボクシングジム, lit. Kinoshita Bokushin Jimu) is a boxing gym located in Tokyo.


The main coach and owner of the Kinoshita Boxing Gym is Kinoshita coach. The gym's popular fighter was Sanada Kazuki before he retired, later Karasawa Takuzou became the popular one. The gym never shown with detail in Champion Road movie, there are only a couple scenes of the gym. In manga outside of the gym shown frequently due to storytelling but inside of the gym never shown clearly.



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