Sawamura's Teacher
Japanese Name 河辺
Gender N/A
Homeland N/A
Manga Debut Round 467
Anime Debut Round 8 (Rising)
Voice Actor Yuya Murakami

Kawabe (河辺) is a supporting character in Hajime no Ippo. He was the homeroom teacher of Sawamura Ryuuhei back in high school. He continues to support Sawamura throughout his boxing career.


Kawabe was Sawamura's middle school teacher. Back then, he tried to stop Sawamura from fighting with other people by introducing him to boxing. Sawamura began to view Kawabe as his only friend and the only person who believed in him. However, as Sawamura became more and more successful in boxing, his bloodlust continued to grow. Kawabe considered this his fault and, prior to Sawamura's title fight against Makunouchi Ippo, asked Ippo to defeat Sawamura. Despite Sawamura feeling betrayed, Kawabe came to visit him in the hospital after the match.


Kawabe has black hair and he usually wears gray jacket above his white shirt.


Despite all his cowardliness, he is a little brave at some situations. He tries his best to keep Sawamura from street fights.

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