Katsutaka Imae was the previous JBC Lightweight champion in Hajime no Ippo.

His surname is Katsutaka. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names.

Katsutaka Imae
ME3050357281 2
Japanese Name 今江克孝
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Boxer Info
Weight Class Lightweight
Height 171.0 cm (5'7)
Reach 172.1 cm (67")
Style Hybrid
Stance Orthodox Stance
Current Affiliation Kikumoto Boxing Gym
Trainer Kikumoto Coach
Boxing Record
Total fights 22
Wins 15
Wins by KO 9
Losses 6
Draws 1
Championships JBC Lightweight Champion
Manga Debut Round 443
Anime Debut Round 4 (Rising)
Voice Actor Shūhei Sakaguchi


Imae was the previous Lightweight Japanese champion. He broke up with his girlfriend to dedicate himself to the sport of boxing, but then Aoki Masaru challenged him for the title and showed him what a fighter with a girlfriend could do. The match resulted in a draw, but Imae and Aoki became friendly rivals, and Imae got back together with his girlfriend.

He has since lost the title to Oushima Souji. He entered the class A tournament and lost brutally to Iga Shinobu.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location  Notes
LOSS 15-6-1 Iga Shinobu KO 1(6) 1997 Tokyo, Japan Class A Tournament Round 1
WIN 15-5-1 Unknown Decision 10(10), 3:00 1997 Tokyo, Japan Comeback Match
LOSS 14-4-1 Oushima Souji KO ?(10) 1996 Tokyo, Japan Lost JBC Lightweight Title
DRAW 14-3-1 Aoki Masaru Decision 10(10), 3:00 1995-04 Tokyo, Japan Retained JBC Lightweight Title
WIN ?-3-0 Unknown N/A ?(10) N/A Japan Won JBC Lightweight Title


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Unknown JBC Lightweight Champion
Unknown - 1996
Oushima Souji


Imae has long black hair, and brown eyes. He also has a mole above his left eyebrow.


Imae is a boxer with the same tastes in girls as Aoki. However, he dumped his girlfriend and said he never wanted to see her again, since he believed having any sort of relationship would be half-assing his boxing career. He later reconnected with her after facing Aoki and having a change of heart. When he was about to lose the match he remembered that impressing his girlfriend was the reason he even started boxing to begin with (like Date Eiji); and this actually motivated him for the rest of the match.

Boxing StyleEdit

Imae's boxing is the definition of "textbook": he fights very cautiously, rarely deviating from the normal jabs and one-twos and having no other specialized punches. He fights with efficiency rather than doing any unpredictable punches or shifts, cheesy tactics or trying to catch the opponent off guard, which practically makes him the polar opposite to Aoki. He is a boxer who mostly has won by decisions, and has a low percentage of KOs.